QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0620

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Chapter 620: One More Blow Waiting

“Don’t be nervous,” said Ning Shu mildly.

“Big Sis Chen, I have a bad feeling about this. I might really be pregnant. I’m scared, I’m really scared. It’s already been over two months since my period came.” Mai Douer grabbed Ning Shu’s hand so tightly that her nails were practically digging into Ning Shu’s flesh.

There was no expression on Ning Shu’s face as she calmly replied, “The result hasn’t come out yet so don’t panic.”

“Number 25, Mai Douer, please come in,” shouted the nurse. Mai Douer was so startled that her limbs went weak and she couldn’t get up.

Ning Shu helped Mai Douer into the office. Mai Douer looked towards the doctor, her face pale. The doctor glanced at her, then said briefly, “You’re seven weeks pregnant.”

The news was like a bolt of lightning to Mai Douer. When her manager had said that she might not be pregnant, she had felt a ray of hope, but now that hope was thoroughly extinguished again. This made things feel even more painful.

Ning Shu helped Mai Douer out of the hospital and into the car. Mai Douer was very out of it the entire time, but once she found herself in the car, she started crying like the world was ending.

Ning Shu smiled faintly. There might be one more blow waiting for her tonight.

When they got back to the apartment, Ning Shu had Mai Douer go sleep first and stop worrying about things until night came.

“Don’t be too pessimistic. Perhaps Mo Juefeng is looking forward to having this child too. Perhaps things will develop in a good direction. You should rest up first. I’ll take you to the villa tonight.” Ning Shu helped Mai Douer into bed and tucked her in.

Mai Douer’s gaze was dim and she stared blankly at Ning Shu. Her voice was flat as she asked, “Big Sis Chen, why am I suffering so much? Why is my life so horrible? Is it wrong to want success? Could it be that I should settle for minor roles my entire life?”

“I don’t want to suffer anymore. I want to become the film queen,” said Mai Douer as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Ning Shu replied expressionlessly, “It’s not wrong. There’s nothing wrong with what you desire.” But you harmed others in your pursuit. You caused someone else’s death.

“Don’t overthink things and rest up properly. I’ll go there with you tonight.” Ning Shu got up and pulled close the room’s curtains, making the room dimmer.

Mai Douer closed her eyes, the corners of her eyes still wet with tears. Ning Shu closed the bedroom door as she left, then started arranging work for the other talents she managed.

After working for a while, by the time Mai Douer woke up it was already dark outside. Ning Shu ordered some pizza and told Mai Douer to eat a little before heading to the villa since there was still some time before the set time.

Mai Douer didn’t really have an appetite so she stopped eating after a couple bites. Since she didn’t have any makeup on, her face was frightfully pale.

“Eat some more, otherwise you won’t have enough energy to face whatever happens tonight. I haven’t told the company about your situation. I’m hoping that we can settle it quietly so that the company doesn’t have to find out about it.”

Ning Shu then placed a slice of pizza on Mai Douer’s plate. “There’s nothing more important than one’s own health.”

Mai Douer forced herself to eat couple more bites before setting it down. “Big Sis Chen, I don’t have any appetite at all. I can’t rest at ease until this matter is settled.”

Ning Shu said calmly, “Even if you worry over it, worry won’t solve anything.”

That was why people shouldn’t care only about enjoying themselves in the moment and should treasure themselves more. Mai Douer had been completely focused on currying favor with Mo Juefeng, but from the looks of things now, if a man didn’t care about you, they wouldn’t bother to consider anything. They’d never consider how much they’d harm a woman with their actions.

However, it was also partially Mai Douer’s own fault for being so ignorant and trying to approach Mo Juefeng with hidden intentions. Both of them had hidden intentions, so in a way they had been a perfect match.

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