QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0687

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Chapter 687: Why Did the Divinity Send You?

Rui hugged Qian Jia. She was trembling with rage, and when he looked down, he saw that her face was pale. When he looked around, he saw that the females seemed slightly displeased as they looked at Qian Jia.

He didn’t understand how something so little blew up so much, but he didn’t want Qian Jia to be sad.

“Wu, I don’t agree to Cao becoming the next Wu,” said Rui.

Wu just coughed without saying anything.

Ning Shu smiled as she narrowed her eyes and asked Rui, “Why? I’m the Wu that the Divinity has chosen. Are you trying to go against the Divinity?”

“I have no intention of going against the Divinity, but you’re not a good choice for the position of Wu,” said Rui.

Wu now spoke, “Cao is the Wu that the Divinity has chosen. The Divinity has even granted Cao strength that doesn’t lose to male beastmen, so Cao must be the Wu. If you go against this, you are going against the Divinity’s decision.”

“But, she…” Rui couldn’t get any words out since it was true that Cao had unusual power.

This was the first time a female in the tribe ever possessed such strength.

“But she doesn’t get along with the divine maiden. The divine maiden is the envoy sent by the Divinity. Cao shouldn’t be so hostile towards her,” said Rui.

The fact that Cao and Jia didn’t get along was something the entire tribe knew.

Ning Shu covered her mouth and started cackling again. She then pointed at Qian Jia as she said, “Are you sure that she’s the divine maiden? The divine maiden is pure, is she pure?”

Rui frowned and said coldly, “How is Jia not the divine maiden? Jia has done so much for Winged Tigers Tribe. How much has she sacrificed, contributed? She is the divine maiden.”

Ning Shu shrugged. “Whether or not she’s the divine maiden, she herself knows. Divine Maiden, tell us why the Divinity sent you this time?”

Qian Jia was a little flustered as she said, “Of course it’s to reform the prehistoric society.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Then you reform your prehistoric society, I’ll carry out my duty as the Wu, is there any conflict with that?”

Of course there was a conflict. Qian Jia never expected for this female beastman to suddenly become the next Wu.

The Wu had high status in the tribe. Qian Jia could tolerate someone else being the Wu, but she couldn’t tolerate Cao, who was always opposing her, becoming the Wu.

“The divine maiden is the envoy that the Divinity sent and Cao is the future Wu. That’s final, no more objections,” said Wu sternly.

“They were both chosen by the Divinity. Rui, you shouldn’t try to switch for someone else either. Whoever else you pick will not necessarily be capable of communicating with the divine stone,” said Wu.

Rui furrowed his brows without speaking.

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