QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0635

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Chapter 635: Another Task-taker

Ning Shu hadn’t expected for there to have been someone paying attention to her from the shadows. It was clear that she was certain of her identity.

This was her first time encountering another task-taker, but she felt way more wariness than she did joy. There was no sense of that delight at encountering someone of the same path.

Qiu Xin then continued, “This body of mine had contributed her soul in order to obtain Mo Juefeng.”

“Oh…” Ning Shu lifted her brows as she looked at Qiu Xin. Things suddenly fell into place. She had been wondering why Mo Juefeng and Mai Douer’s relationship had gotten so bad. So it turned out that there was this task-taker interfering to cause problems in the true love between Mai Douer and Mo Juefeng.

Ning Shu suddenly asked, “You were the one with Mo Juefeng the night of the dinner party.”

“Of course. Getting together with the male lead in place of the female lead is the best time to besiege the male lead. However, it was outside of my expectations that Mai Douer didn’t come at all.” Qiu Xin flipped back her hair as she smiled towards Ning Shu. Her smile seemed to glow with beautiful purity under the rays of the sun. She seemed even more pure and beautiful than Mai Douer. She was like a descended angel.

Ning Shu felt like she was enchanted despite being a woman herself. What strong charm.

“Besiege the male lead?” Ning Shu acted slightly confused.

“Of course.” Qiu Xin reached out to pat Ning Shu’s shoulder, but Ning Shu took a step back, causing Qiu Xin’s hand to stop awkwardly in midair. However, Qiu Xin didn’t mind and just continued talking.

“There’s nothing that hurts the female lead and makes her fall into despair as much as having her man and everything that should’ve belonged to her snatched away. I like the style of these tasks. All I need to do to make my task go smoothly is to besiege a powerful man,” said Qiu Xin with a smile.

Ning Shu gave a noncommittal ‘oh.’ Both of them were targeting Mai Douer, so Mai Douer’s current state was probably the result of both their actions.

“Besiege a man? What if this man falls in love with you?” asked Ning Shu.

Qiu Xin replied offhandedly, “I’m a task-taker. Everything I do is for the sake of completing the task. Even if someone in the task falls in love with me, he’s still not allowed to get in my way.”

Ning Shu: …

Once the task was finished, Qiu Xin would leave this world, so what would happen to the man that had fallen in love with her? He’d end up together with the entrustor? The task-taker and the entrustor were completely different people though.

He would never even know who he had fallen in love with. How sad.

However, everyone had their own way of living, and different task-takers had their own style of completing tasks. Ning Shu just had no plans to ever do things like going through the trouble of making someone fall in love with her, then making use of this person to complete the task.

In her opinion, she’d rather use her fists. It saved energy and stress, and she didn’t have to worry about being responsible for feelings.

“Be careful about getting burned while playing with fire,” said Ning Shu. Then she asked, “Was it your idea to make Mai Douer become like this?”

“I like to get things done in one go. Your way of doing things is seriously disgusting. What’s the point of bringing Mai Douer to auditions and having her get roles? I can’t even tell if you’re actually helping her or ruining her. Don’t you know that the more miserable the female lead becomes, the more points we get?” Just as how Ning Shu didn’t really take to Qiu Xin, Qiu Xin didn’t like Ning Shu either.

Qiu Xin sneered. “Look at you. Have you actually come to think of yourself as her manager? You’re acting like a complete nanny.”

Ning Shu didn’t speak. After all, could it be that she should openly target Mai Douer? She couldn’t brazenly do things that harmed one of the company’s talents since she needed to help the original host keep her job.

After being blacklisted by Mo Juefeng, the original host hadn’t been able to find a single company in the entertainment circles that had been willing to take her. It was because she lost her job and couldn’t be a manager anymore that she had wanted to get revenge on Mai Douer. That was why she had angrily revealed the news that Mai Douer had a sugar daddy.

After that, she ended up being raped and killed by hoodlums.

That was why this job was very important to the original host. All the tragedies started from her losing her job.

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