QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0662

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Chapter 662: When Your Great Aunt Comes

“She’s Cao.” Zhi answered for Ning Shu before Ning Shu even had a chance to speak.

“Cao?” Qian Jia was stunned for a moment, then she said with smile, “Cao, want to go gather wild vegetables together? We can gather some wild fruits too. Cooking with them makes the meat very tasty.”

Ning Shu hadn’t expected for Qian Jia to invite her out. However, she had been planning to make a trip to collect some herbs.

The tribe usually didn’t allow female beastmen to leave the tribe, but Qian Jia was different. Since her mate was the tribe chief’s son, she had quite a lot of privileges.

He obviously agreed to Qian Jia heading out. After all, hadn’t Rui been taking Qian Jia out all the time?

“Alright!” Ning Shu agreed immediately.

When the others heard that they were heading out to look for things, they asked to go along too. All of them wanted to gather ingredients and cook tasty meat.

Qian Jia was a little troubled as she said, “I need to talk to Rui about this. We can’t all go. He’ll probably only be able to take a few of us at a time.”

“I’m definitely going too. I go wherever Cao goes!” Zhi hastily added.

The atmosphere around this dinner had been very harmonious. Qian Jia wanted to become part of this group and the beastmen admired Qian Jia a lot too, so after this dinner, they came to think of Qian Jia as a friend they respected a lot.

Although Qian Jia prepared a lot of food, the female beastmen had devoured everything. They didn’t even spare a drop of soup.

However, no one had touched the fish soup. Qian Jia smiled as she demonstrated how to remove the fish bones and eat the white flesh, then the female beastmen started mimicking her.

After dinner, everyone helped with cleaning up. Ning Shu helped as well. She stared at the oily stone bowls and chopsticks as she wondered how to wash them.

Qian Jia grabbed a fistful of mud and rubbed it into the stone bowl before rinsing everything off with water. It was clear that Qian Jia had adapted to prehistoric life very well.

In this world, she was exceptionally unique.

A lot of the females asked what she was wearing. A reminiscent expression appeared on Qian Jia’s face as she said, “This is cotton. It’s something from my hometown and it’s really comfortable.”

“Where is your hometown? How did you end up here? Did your tribe abandon you?” asked a female beastman.

Qian Jia shook her head. “I came here due to an accident, but I can’t go back anymore. From now on, I’ll have to live here.”

The female beastmen all moved to comfort her.

Qian Jia saw that the beastman called Cao said very little and tended to look at her with a very uninterested gaze. She had already gotten used to all the beastmen admiring her, so she couldn’t get used to the fact that there was a beastman that wasn’t very friendly towards her.

Since she felt uncomfortable, she tried finding topics to talk about with Ning Shu. “Um, what do you guys do when your great aunt comes?”

Ning Shu’s lips twitched when she heard this question and she remained silent. Qian Jia thought that Ning Shu didn’t understand what she was asking and explained, “What I mean is that thing that comes every month. How do you guys deal with it?”

Ning Shu said ‘oh’ in realization and then said, “We don’t, just let it flow. Once it flows out, use dry grass to wipe the legs or wash with water.”

Qian Jia: …

It felt like this wasn’t a pleasant topic. This reply made Qian Jia completely choke up.

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