QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0664

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Chapter 664: Heading Out with Qian Jia

Zhi frowned. “Doesn’t he know that the Wu can’t have a mate? You guys are going to become mates, so why isn’t he stopping you from becoming the Wu?”

“Perhaps he doesn’t want to become mates with me. Forget it. These things don’t matter. Aren’t we going to leave the tribe tomorrow with Jia to look for things? We should prepare something for carrying stuff.” Ning Shu changed the topic.

Since the female beastmen were curious about how Qian Jia got her food, Qian Jia said that she would take them out tomorrow to forage for ingredients.

As long as they went with Qian Jia, they’d definitely be able to find a lot of things.

“Oh, that’s right! I’ve never left the tribe before. I’ll go weave a basket!” Zhi immediately forgot about what was going on with Rui and asked, “Do you want a basket? I’ll make one for you.”

“Alright.” Ning Shu nodded, then she helped Zhi find a vine that was as thick as a toe and directly yanked it out of the ground. She dragged it to the entrance of Zhi’s cave so that Zhi could use it to weave a basket.

Zhi’s jaw dropped as she stared wide-eyed at Ning Shu. “Your strength? How did you pull it out?”

“I just yanked,” replied Ning Shu as she dusted off her hands. “Is this enough? If it’s not, I’ll go get more.”

“It’s enough. Only males can yank out things like this,” muttered Zhi. She started weaving the baskets, so Ning Shu stood at the side to watch.

The baskets Zhi made were very ugly. Some parts were very tight while other parts were very loose, and the sizes were different. However, it didn’t really matter as long as it could be used.

The next day, Ning Shu and Zhi each held an ugly basket as they headed towards the place of offering.

There were a few female beastmen there, and also a few male beastmen. Qian Jia was currently talking with the female beastmen. When she saw Ning Shu and Zhi, she said with a smile, “We were just waiting on you guys.”

Qian Jia was wearing a T-shirt today and short jeans, which made her stand out greatly from the surrounding beastmen.

Ning Shu looked towards the male beastmen. She only knew Rui and Kai and didn’t really know the others.

When Qian Jia saw that Ning Shu was looking at the male beastmen, she said craftily, “They’re going to be seeing us out of the tribe and coming with us to protect us, so we’ll get a chance to taste what it’s like to soar in the skies.”

Taste what it’s like to soar in the skies? Ning Shu’s over-reactive imagination went wild again.

In an np world, it was nearly impossible not to think along skewed lines.

Since it was the first time so many female beastmen left the tribe, Rui gathered the male beastmen to protect the females.

The other reason was because Rui didn’t want to take even a step away from Qian Jia. He’d always be trying to find ways to stay with Qian Jia. Qian Jia pretty much emitted her own glow which caused all the male beastmen’s eyes to be glued to her.

Qian Jia didn’t seem aware that every move she made seemed to carry beautiful grace. Her soft natural smile was practically about to make all the beastmen drool.

When Rui saw how beautiful Qian Jia was, then saw that all of the male beastmen were looking at him with intense envy and jealousy, he felt proud and also a little uncomfortable.

This beautiful female beastman seemed to be capable of everything and was so wise, and she was his mate.

He couldn’t help but wonder if a wonderful mate like this was truly supposed to belong to him. Wu said that she was the divine maiden. Did he have the right to possess the divine maiden?

Rui was currently suffering the bittersweet fear that he might lose what he loved.

Ning Shu glanced at Kai. He was a man of very few words. Although he was also looking at Qian Jia, his gaze was much more controlled than that of the other beastmen. He seemed to sense that someone was watching him and turned around to meet Ning Shu’s gaze.

He was stunned for a moment, then he shifted his gaze away. He didn’t look back at Ning Shu, but he didn’t look at Qian Jia again either.

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