QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0649

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Chapter 649: I’m Cao.

This was Ning Shu’s first time seeing the prehistoric world. There was an old forest that seemed to span endlessly and enormous birds were soaring in the sky. The entire world had a dangerous and wild air.

There were kids playing on the flat ground outside the cave. Some kids even turned into little tigers with wings as they pounced at each other and tumbled together on the ground. The young female beastmen that couldn’t transform leaned in the arms of the adults as they watched the little tigers play.

Ning Shu felt like her view of the world had shattered again.

She seriously couldn’t wrap her head around such a strange setup. The most important point was the fact that they could pa-pa-pa in both their beast and their human form, and the sensation would be different since their weenie would be in different shapes.


And Qian Jia even had more than one man.

Ning Shu retrieved her gaze and spread the dry grass she was carrying out in front of the cave to let the sun dry them out. She looked up and found that there were two eye-piercing suns in the sky.

Fuck, my worldview.

“Cao, why are you up?” A female beastman turned around to look at Ning Shu, then hastily got up from the stone stool and walked towards her.

Ning Shu recognized this beastman. She had added more wood to the fire in her cave earlier. Her name was Zhi.

If a name wasn’t ‘cao,’ it was ‘zhi.’ As someone that had traveled the cosmos, she seriously couldn’t take the fact that her name was ‘cao.’

“Cao, are you feeling better?” asked Zhi.

When Ning Shu heard her own name, she knew that the person talking to her was very innocent and that this name was also very innocent, but she still couldn’t stop her thoughts from wandering off. In the future, when she introduced herself… I’m Cao.

>Aka f*ck.<

“M… Much better,” stammered Ning Shu. However, at least she managed to get words out.

Zhi was taller than Cao and her face was very dark. The fur on her face was nearly half a centimeter long. Esthetically speaking, female beastmen were pretty ugly.

However, male beastmen were actually very, very sexy. For example, the males of the Winged Tigers Tribe had amber pupils like tigers while the males of the Black Snakes Tribe had a slightly feminine beauty.

Ning Shu couldn’t help but suspect that this entire setup was for the convenience of the female lead. The males were all extremely attractive while the females were all ugly. With this, Qian Jia would be the most beautiful woman in the world.

However, looking at it from a survival viewpoint, things made sense. Male beastmen were able to transform into tigers so they could stay warm even during the winter, but female beastmen couldn’t do that. They had no choice but to grow fur in order to fend off the cold and with darker skin, they’d absorb more heat from the sun.

In addition, with two suns in the sky, it’d be hard not to get tan.

“Visit my house for a bit?” Ning Shu invited Zhi over since for better or for worse, this was the first person she had seen upon waking up.

People of the prehistoric era didn’t have the concept of politeness, so Zhi entered Ning Shu’s cave the moment she was invited.

As Ning Shu looked around the dark cave, she felt a little speechless, but she saw that Zhi sat straight down on the ground and started helping her add some more firewood.

“Cao, I wonder what the hunting group will manage to get during this trip? The weather’s getting cold. Will we be able to survive this winter?” Zhi started chattering on about stuff.

Ning Shu became a little distracted. The hunting group this time will probably be bringing Qian Jia back. At that time, the entire Winged Tigers Tribe’s quality of life will go through a substantial leap.

Ning Shu didn’t have any ill will towards Qian Jia. After all, she had helped improve the poor living conditions of the prehistoric beastmen.

It was normal for a lot of people to like someone with ability.

However, from a long-term viewpoint, this wasn’t a good choice. Every living creature went through the slow process of natural selection. When Qian Jia found seeds, wheat, corn, and even rice crops, the Winged Tigers Tribe chose to have the majority of the beastmen start planting crops and raising livestock.

A small portion of the beastmen were left in charge of fighting off the wild beasts that tried to attack the tribe.

This world was a prehistoric society filled with danger. The beastmen were capable of transforming because they needed to hunt and to protect themselves. Now that they were starting to farm instead and were able to obtain their food without hunting, then their ability to transform will probably begin to weaken.

However, this world would continue to be a dangerous and uncivilized world filled with strong beasts. It was not yet the era of farming. At that time, the situation of the beastmen would worsen. This choice might even cause the beastmen to eventually be phased out in natural selection.

Everything had two sides to it. The prehistoric world was supposed to be filled with fights and challenges since every living creature was adapting to this world and evolving genetically.

If one took too large of a step, it was easy to end up tearing the balls.

Ning Shu felt like she was overthinking things again. She sat down next to Zhi and said, “They’ll probably be back soon.”

As Zhi prodded the fire, she turned to look towards Ning Shu as she exclaimed, “Wu said that you wouldn’t be able to wake up again, but you actually managed to wake up!”

Ning Shu laughed. The sight of her wide teeth made her look worse, but fortunately there wasn’t a mirror in front of her.

They started chatting leisurely and Ning Shu slowly managed to get an idea of the Winged Tigers Tribe’s situation. For example, this body’s future mate was a pretty high-ranking hunter in the tribe.

Ning Shu knew from the storyline that the one who saved Qian Jia was the tribe chief’s son, Winged Tigers Tribe’s young tribe chief, Rui. Rui treated Qian Jia as his mate the moment he saved her.

At this time, the sound of cheers came from outside. Actually, it sounded like animal roars.

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