QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0618

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Chapter 618: I Didn’t Know That You Had to Take Medicine

“I-I…” Mai Douer placed her hand on her stomach. She had no idea what to do. “I still have to film. This role is really important, so what should I do? What do I do?”

Ning Shu frowned. “Why did you let yourself get pregnant? It’s obvious that you’d get pregnant if Mo Juefeng didn’t use any condoms. Did you take any contraceptives?”

Mai Douer shook her head in a fluster. “I didn’t. I didn’t know that you had to take medicine.”

The fudge? As expected of a true pure and unstained white lotus female lead, she didn’t even know something this basic! Seriously.

Mai Douer had never seen Mo Juefeng use any sort of contraceptive, so to curry favor with him, she never took the initiative to tell him to use condoms. She was worried that she’d make Mo Juefeng angry and that Mo Juefeng wouldn’t like her anymore, so she was always very careful around Mo Juefeng.

However, she really didn’t know that women had to take contraceptives after doing that.

Ning Shu: …

A man would never let the woman he loved suffer this kind of thing, so it seemed that Mo Juefeng didn’t like Mai Douer that much after all.

Tsk tsk. In the original storyline, Mai Douer hadn’t gotten pregnant before getting married, or perhaps they had immediately gotten married because she had gotten pregnant.

But would Mo Juefeng marry Mai Douer now?

Ning Shu felt pretty apprehensive.

Actually, very apprehensive!

“What do you plan to do now? This is Mo Juefeng’s child, and so perhaps you’ll be able to have a future with Mo Juefeng due to this child?” said Ning Shu in an uncertain tone. “However, no matter what, Mo Juefeng is this child’s father so he has a responsibility towards this child.”

“Real… Really? I’ll really have a future with Mo Juefeng? It’s possible with this child?” Mai Douer’s facial color improved and her eyes started sparkling.

“No matter what happens, I’ll be giving birth to this child,” said Mai Douer resolutely. As long as this child existed, there’d be a connection between her and Mo Juefeng. She would be this child’s mother and Mo Juefeng would be the child’s father.

“What if Mo Juefeng doesn’t agree to it?” asked Ning Shu.

Mai Douer bit her lips, then said, “Even if Mo Juefeng doesn’t agree to it, I’m still keeping the child. If there’s no other choice, I’ll leave Jiangcheng and give birth to the child somewhere else.”

Ning Shu: (⊙o⊙)

Was this the prelude to a running away with the child story?

Ning Shu couldn’t help but wonder if she had gotten the wrong script.

“You’re going to keep the child? But will you be able to raise the child on your own? You should think things through well. This child will be born without a father, and if you suddenly leave to give birth to a child just as you’re gaining popularity, you’ll lose all the fame you’ve worked so hard to build,” said Ning Shu after seeing the determined look on Mai Douer’s face.

Mai Douer immediately became bewildered again. “Then what should I do?”

Ning Shu: …

F*ck, after you two enjoyed yourselves without restraint, now you’re asking me what to do? How the hell would I know what to do!?

Ning Shu’s lips twitched as she asked, “What do you think about this? What kind of outcome are you hoping for?”

“I, I-I want…” However, Mai Douer wasn’t able to get her words out.

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