QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0644

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Chapter 644: Task Complete

So Ning Shu decided to max out her martial arts level. If her intelligence wasn’t high enough, she’d make up for it with martial arts. She felt that if today’s attack had been directed towards her, she’d definitely would’ve been able to dodge it. Perhaps she’d get injured, but it wouldn’t be as severe as being killed right there on the spot.

Although training was hard, since it was something that would keep her alive, the pain was worth it.

Ning Shu was more concerned about the following incident. Mai Douer had been arrested but she made a full confession. She admitted to splashing the sulfuric acid and to the murder, but she didn’t feel like she did anything wrong.

When she was asked why she had splashed Mo Juefeng with sulfuric acid, her expression was indifferent as she replied, “I cannot tolerate the man I love looking towards another person with a gaze full of affection. I’ve given up so much for him, so I’d rather ruin that face. I hate that wretch. She was the one that framed me and snatched everything away from me. I wanted her to die.”

She didn’t have anything anymore. She had nothing left. No one wanted her to act in their films so the only roles she could take was those in pornographic films. She had fallen to the point that no one even wanted her to act minor roles.

Everything had been because of that wretch.

Ning Shu could only say that Mai Douer had sure turned dark to the core.

However, Ning Shu didn’t feel any sympathy for Mai Douer. People like her were simply too egoistic and felt that the entire world should revolve around them.

Mo Juefeng manage to survive, but his handsome face which women once went crazy over had been ruined. His skin had been corroded to the point it was a mangled mess, and the sulfuric acid had splashed into his eyes so his optic nerves had been damaged. He couldn’t even get a retina transplant.

This meant that Mo Juefeng would be blind for the rest of his life. He would be blind and ugly.

When Mo Juefeng woke up, he couldn’t take this reality and buried his head in his hands. As tears were about to flow out, his eyes burned so much it felt like he was going to die. This sensation terrified Mo Juefeng.

He, who had always controlled the fate of others, now felt terror like he had never felt before. The first thing he thought of was his trade empire. Now that he couldn’t see anything, he felt like everything was slipping out of his grasp.

When he found that that Mai Douer had been behind this, he was astonished. She was nothing but an ant, a temporary mistress, but she actually had such nerve!?

Even though Mai Douer had already been sentenced to life in jail on the charge of intentional murder, Mo Juefeng refused to let her off. He wanted Mai Douer to suffer unending torment in prison.

She had claimed to love him, but she had done something so ruthless to him. What the hell did she mean by love!? When he found out that Qiu Xin, who had deeply loved, had died, he was very sad. However, more than that he was consumed by fear about his future and his eyes. He was afraid of the consequences of losing his vision.

When Ning Shu found that that Mo Juefeng had gone blind, she was stunned for a moment, then she felt respect for Mai Douer again. The current Mai Douer’s love had turned into hatred. Perhaps Mai Douer had started resenting Mo Juefeng from the moment she lost her child.

Then when Mo Juefeng and Qiu Xin kept rubbing their loving relationship in everyone’s faces, Mai Douer started feeling more and more negative until she finally snapped.

The two people who had been so in love in the original storyline were now sworn enemies. Ning Shu once again sighed about the fact that feelings were so fickle and unpredictable.

The task counted as finished now. Mai Douer would be in jail for the rest of her life, Mo Juefeng had gone blind, and a task-taker had even died. These developments had occurred so fast that Ning Shu felt like she didn’t have enough eyes to keep track of what was happening.

She once again reminded herself to be extremely careful while carrying out tasks and to make sure to guarantee her own safety.

“Ding, task completely. Leaving task world.” Right after 2333 said that, Ning Shu felt a bout of dizziness. When she opened her eyes again, she was already back in the system space.

She looked at the sofa, carpet, and bonsai decorating the room and felt some tension finally leave her.

She lay down on the sofa and heaved a long sigh, then closed her eyes to sleep. She’d deal with whatever there was to deal with after recovering with sleep.

There was no way to feel the passage of time in the system space, so Ning Shu didn’t know how long she had slept. However, when she woke up and stretched, she felt much better.

It had been quite a shock for her to see a task-taker die right in front of her. For the first time, she was hit with the reality that she and all other task-takers were ordinary people also subject to death. In addition, the way they died was even worse than that of ordinary people because even their souls would not be spared.

It caused Ning Shu’s heart to sink down heavily with the understanding that she was just a task-taker and wasn’t anything special. All she was doing was trying to extend her own life. If it was put a little more grandly, it could be said to be for the sake of mending the planes and saving worlds.

However, if she was dead, everything was pointless.

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