QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0680

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Chapter 680: Created Pottery

Kai came to look for Ning Shu and said that he would help her clear an area of land so that she could grow some grains.

Ning Shu expressionlessly turned down the offer.

Kai frowned as he said, “If you plant wheat, you’ll be able to have a big harvest. Could it be that you want to keep waiting for the occasional bit of prey? How do you plan to survive winter?”

“What does that have anything to do with you?” Ning Shu didn’t want to talk to Kai at all.

Kai had come out of good intentions, so when Ning Shu reacted like this, he became very unhappy. When he saw how lazy she was in comparison to Qian Jia, he became even more dissatisfied with this future mate of his and was very vexed.

The thought that he would have to become mates with Cao made his heart chill.

Zhi also got some seeds. She asked Ning Shu whether she should plant it or not, but Ning Shu shook her head and told her to decide for herself.

She glanced up and saw that there were five moons in the sky now. Winter was coming.

Hence she sped up the rate at which she hunted prey and went to steal salt from the mine every couple days.

Due to this, she was also growing increasingly stronger, but she didn’t dare let herself relax at all. Every bit of strength she gained would allow her to save one more person that had been left behind.

Meanwhile, Qian Jia had succeeded in making pottery. She basically shaped clay into something like a pot and then baked it at high temperatures. She failed several times before one finally succeeded but following that, her success rate quickly increased.

Ning Shu’s lips twitched. Why the hell were things so simple in Qian Jia’s hands?

Was baking pottery that simple of a process?

Qian Jia’s pots created a huge commotion in the tribe. The existence of pottery created great convenience since they could make bowls and things to hold water, but it required technique.

Qian Jia told everyone about her process, but when the females tried it out, they weren’t as successful as Qian Jia. They’d only have one or two successes occasionally.

Zhi also got a jar. When Zhi had gone to ask Qian Jia for salt, Qian Jia had very generously given her a clay jar for storing salt.

Although they currently had enough salt, Ning Shu continued to have Zhi ask Qian Jia for salt.

Zhi liked this jar a lot and showed it to Ning Shu, but Ning Shu wasn’t very impressed. She had seen porcelain pieces a thousand times more exquisite than this jar, so she seriously felt no attraction to this thing.

“Cao, Jia knows so much! First she discovered the salt mine, then she planted wheat. She really knows a lot and a lot! She really is the divine maiden sent by the Divinity!” exclaimed Zhi, her eyes filled with admiration.

These things were true. The entire tribe had gone through a complete transformation and was making rapid developmental progress.

Ning Shu nodded. “It’s natural that the divine maiden is different from us.”

Those who stood on the shoulder of giants were naturally capable of seeing farther into the distance. The knowledge Qian Jia possessed was knowledge accumulated by hundreds of generations.

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