QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0678

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Chapter 678: She’d Definitely Become like Wu Song!

Some of the female beastmen had expressions of realization and understanding, but they still didn’t dare to talk to Ning Shu too much or act too close with her. Qian Jia was not only the divine maiden, she currently also possessed a lot of good things. As the proverb went, if you rolled with the main lead’s gang, you’d get plenty of meat.

Picking the beneficial routes and avoiding trouble was instinctive for all living things.

Some females were worried about Ning Shu and urged her to talk things out with the divine maiden and said that the divine maiden wouldn’t hold a grudge. There was no benefit to being enemies with the divine maiden. They even tried to persuade Ning Shu by saying that Kai and Rui’s families had always been close and that her actions would make things hard for Kai and would make Kai dislike her.

Ning Shu smiled faintly. Male beastmen could hunt prey to survive, but female beastmen had weak bodies and could not hunt prey themselves, so they had no choice but to rely on the males.

Ning Shu had never considered trying to get along with Kai. Those who already had someone in their heart were heartless towards everyone else. No matter what people did for him, Kai wouldn’t appreciate it and would only find it bothersome.

Towards someone like this, what would be the better choice: curry favor with them or slap them!?

The only thing was, Ning Shu wasn’t sure she could beat a tiger right now. Once she got strong enough though, she’d definitely become like Wu Song and kill a tiger with her bare hands!

In response to these people’s concern, Ning Shu smiled bitterly and said, “Kai won’t become mates with me. He doesn’t like me and only knows to scold me. He blames me for offending the divine maiden.”

The female beastmen shared glances. They didn’t know what to say and could only console Ning Shu by saying that she would definitely be able to become mates with Kai.

At the same time, they sympathized with Ning Shu. She had such an outstanding mate, but had to suffer the pain of knowing that her mate cared about someone else. It was no wonder that this naive little female ended up picking a fight with the divine maiden.

Ning Shu curled her lips in disdain. There was no way she’d waste her time on meaningless things like this. She still had a lot of work to do.

It felt like the beastmen were currently sinking into content indolence, especially the male beastmen. In the past, they shouldered the heavy responsibility of hunting prey and were responsible for the survival of the entire tribe.

However, due to Qian Jia finding a lot of food sources, their burden had lessened a lot.

So now, whenever they had free time, they were either fantasizing about Qian Jia or being conflicted over their feelings. Whenever Qian Jia gave a call, they’d run over with their tails wagging.

Since Ning Shu had a large amount of salt now, she no longer held back while hunting. In the past, whenever she had encountered rather strong or large animals, she would let them go because she was worried that there wouldn’t be enough salt to preserve all the meat.

However, she no longer had that fear now. Every time Ning Shu dragged prey back, Zhi would just assume that she had been lucky and encountered prey that had already died.

As of now, all the ventilated areas of their caves were filled with hung up dried meat. Zhi felt very satisfied as she looked at these dried meat. “I’ve never seen so much meat in my life. Are we going to keep making more?”

Ning Shu nodded. “Of course, the more the better.”

The issue was always that there wasn’t enough, not that there was too much.

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