QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0626

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Chapter 626: Steep Breakup Fee

Ning Shu glanced at the check on the coffee table and found that it actually had seven zeros! He was giving a hundred million as a breakup fee in addition to the role of the supporting female lead of a large movie? The breakup fee sure wasn’t cheap.

“Mai Douer, are you alright?” asked Ning Shu as she looked towards Mai Douer who was sobbing so much she could barely breathe. What use was there in crying? The other party was clearly just playing around, but Mai Douer had actually been hoping for marriage.

Mai Douer hadn’t even had a chance to voice her wishes before Mo Juefeng completely broke everything off.

If she obediently got rid of the child, then the role of the supporting female lead was hers and she’d have a hundred million dollars. If she wanted to keep the child, then Mo Juefeng definitely wouldn’t be polite and Mai Douer would meet with a rather tragic end.

Things have already developed this far, so the task was probably pretty much finished. The person that had sorted Mai Douer out was even the man she loved the most. There was no greater pain than to be hurt so deeply by the one she loved.

Mai Douer paid no attention to Ning Shu and sat up. As she cried, she hit her stomach with her clenched fists. “It’s all because of this! It’s all it’s fault!”

Ning Shu was stunned for a moment, then she quickly grabbed Mai Douer’s hands to stop her from hitting herself anymore. She asked coldly, “What are you doing?”

“If I hadn’t gotten pregnant, Mo Juefeng wouldn’t have broken up with me. If I hadn’t come here and told Mo Juefeng that I was pregnant, Mo Juefeng wouldn’t be like this.” Mai Douer had hit her stomach really hard so her stomach started hurting. She was angry and fearful as her brows scrunched up from the pain.

Her entire face was contorted as she continued to mutter, “If I had gotten rid of this child from the start and didn’t allow Mo Juefeng to find out about it, he wouldn’t have gotten so angry and broken up with me. Why? Why?”

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu was made speechless by Mai Douer’s deranged behavior. Sometimes human nature could be so ugly that one couldn’t bear to look straight at it.

She felt that Mai Douer had gone crazy. Mai Douer seemed to amplify every negative emotion she felt to an unbelievable degree since she was a very egoistic woman from the start. If there was someone to dote on her and who could allow her to live without any fear or worries, she naturally lived a blessed life like she was soaked in honey. However, whenever she suffered, she’d feel like the entire world was trying to hurt her.

She never considered the harm she caused others.

“Mai Douer, calm down a little.” Ning Shu grabbed Mai Douer’s wrists tightly as she said, “Be rational.”

Mai Douer stared at Ning Shu blankly for a moment, then shoved her away and shouted, “It’s all your fault! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have ended up like this!”

Mai Douer got up and started walking towards the door. After a few steps, she suddenly covered her stomach and started crying. “Ah! My stomach hurts!”

She pressed a hand against her stomach as she leaned on the wall. She could feel something hot flowing out below and down her legs.

“Big Sis Chen, my stomach really hurts!” shouted Mai Douer, her face pale.

When Ning Shu saw that blood was flowing down Mai Douer’s legs, she immediately realized what was happening.

She sighed and revolved the tiny amount of energy inside her body, then walked over and lifted Mai Douer bridal-style to carry her to the car before driving to the hospital.

Mai Douer hugged her stomach. She was in so much pain that her hair was soaked with cold sweat and she moaned involuntarily from the agony.

Ning Shu drove as quickly as she could to the hospital and a nurse immediately pushed a bed over. Ning Shu placed Mai Douer on the bed, then shook out her numb arms.

Mai Douer was pushed into the operating room, so Ning Shu waited outside.

She didn’t feel any sympathy for Mai Douer. In her opinion, Mai Douer had completely brought this upon herself. She hadn’t use contraceptives and she had hit her stomach even though she knew she was pregnant. Wasn’t this clearly just her making things hard for herself?

It was already early morning by now. Ning Shu was extremely drowsy and almost fell asleep on the waiting chair.

When the doors to the operating room finally opened, Ning Shu asked, “Doctor, how is the patient?”

“She’s fine. We’ve injected flavonoid. It’s best if she’s hospitalized for a while so that we can monitor her condition,” said the doctor.

Ning Shu nodded. “Thank you, Doctor.”

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