QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0613

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Chapter 613: Had Seriously Become a Nanny

Ning Shu hadn’t expected for Mai Douer to abandon her original principles this quickly. She had already become the type of woman she had shown verbal contempt for. For the sake of success, she was willing to sell her own body.

That was why those who hadn’t gone through the same suffering had no right to show contempt for others. Ning Shu also felt no contempt for Mai Douer because this was Mai Douer’s own choice. Everyone had their own method of survival.

However, now Mai Douer could no longer look down on others from above because she was no different.

When Ning Shu saw that Mai Douer seemed uncomfortable, she asked, “Need me to buy you some antipyretics?”

It was probably because things had been a little too intense last night. Mai Douer nodded, then she looked at Ning Shu and said, “Big Sis Chen, can I ask something of you?”

“What is it?” Ning Shu was getting ready to go buy Mai Douer anti-inflammatory medicine.

Mai Douer bit her lips, then said, “Please don’t tell people about my relationship with Mo Juefeng. I don’t want other people to know.”

“Why?” Ning Shu feigned confusion. “If people know your relationship with Mo Juefeng, the entertainment circles will become like your personal swimming pool. No one will dare to be disrespectful towards you once they know that you’re Mo Juefeng’s woman.”

Mai Douer bit her lips, then said, “But I don’t want other people to know. It took a lot for me to do this, I don’t want other people to say that I got where I am only through selling my body.”

Ning Shu: …

She couldn’t help but feel speechless. Wasn’t the truth precisely that she was completely relying on selling her body?

It was seriously the case of a prostitute insisting on having a memorial arch and trying to get her profession accepted.

Ning Shu nodded as she said, “I got it. However, if you can use Mo Juefeng as a connection, your path in the entertainment world will become a lot smoother. Mai Douer, there’s something that I’m not sure if I should say?”

“Big Sis Chen, just say it,” said Mai Douer as she endured the discomfort she was feeling. As her manager said, gaining Mo Juefeng as a connection was very useful, especially with how powerful Mo Juefeng was. She was personally very excited about this.

“Do you think you have a future with Mo Juefeng?” asked Ning Shu seriously.

Mai Douer recalled Mo Juefeng’s nefarious charming look as he pushed her down. That heat felt hot enough to suffocate during that rhythmic intercourse filled with pleasure and pain. That feeling was completely different from the disgust she had felt when that director had tried to rape her.

Mai Douer started blushing a little. “I want to have a future with Mo Juefeng, but I know that there’s no way someone like him would fall in love with a nameless little actress like me.”

“That’s why, while you have Mo Juefeng’s interest, get as many benefits as you can. If you don’t ask for anything, once Mo Juefeng gets tired of you, you’ll have gained nothing. You have to plan things out for yourself while Mo Juefeng’s interest in you is still fresh,” said Ning Shu mildly.

Mai Douer bit her lips. When she heard her manager say that Mo Juefeng might get tired of her and throw her away, she felt her heart squeeze with pain.

It had only been one night, but she felt like she had fallen in love with this extraordinary man. His extensive power made her feel very safe, so she wanted to be with him forever.

However, when her manager said that she might end up losing both the relationship and her first time for nothing, she hesitated. It was because Mo Juefeng was powerful that she wanted to rely on him, but she didn’t want to accept a fate of getting nothing even after giving him her body.

“Big Sis Chen, I understand. I know what to do,” said Mai Douer.

Ning Shu nodded, then drove to the pharmacy to get medicine for Mai Douer.

As she walked in, a question suddenly occurred to her. Did Mai Douer and Mo Juefeng use any contraception?

Then she felt like she was overthinking things. In the original storyline, Mai Douer didn’t get pregnant until after she got married to Mo Juefeng.

She was worrying for nothing. It was like she had seriously become a nanny.

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