QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0650

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Chapter 650: Drop-dead Gorgeous

A smile lit up Zhi’s face. “The hunting group’s back!” As she spoke, she pulled Ning Shu with her out of the cave.

When Ning Shu looked up, she saw that a huge number of tigers were flying through the sky. With so many of them, it almost felt like they were blanketing the sky.

These tigers were holding dead prey in their mouths. Ning Shu glanced around and was able to spot that a person was sitting on the back of a golden tiger.

These winged tigers flew over, then instantly turned into men. They were naked, but they had tiger fur covering their most private place. It was like little fur skirts.

Every male beastmen had a well-built figure, toned muscles, and enticing six packs that made them look sexy and wild.

Every single male had good looks so being here was like being in a pile of male beauties.

Zhi nudged Ning Shu. “Let’s head over. Your Kai is back too.”

My Kai? He soon won’t be.

Ning Shu followed her over. The tribesmen started to talk about the results of the hunt, but currently there was something that attracted their attentions more.

The beastmen surrounded Qian Jia. Qian Jia slid down from the tiger’s back, but when she saw that there were so many people around, she became a little timid.

This was a completely unfamiliar place. She didn’t understand how she ended up here.

In this completely uncivilized world.

When the males saw that this little female was scared, they wanted to comfort her, but Rui stood next to her imposingly. It seemed like Rui wanted to claim this female for himself.

Qian Jia was instinctively reliant on this man since he had saved her and she stayed very close to Young Tribe Chief Rui.

Ning Shu sized Qian Jia up. She was wearing a short-sleeve T-shirt with jeans and carrying a small backpack. Her skin was fair and she had clean, delicate looks so she counted as a little beauty.

However, when placed in a group of female beastmen, the contrast emphasized her beauty to the point that she seemed drop-dead gorgeous.

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