QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0665

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Chapter 665: First Outing

When Ning Shu saw Kai like that, she got the strong impression that he was a supporting male lead that had a crush on the female lead but couldn’t voice it. His gaze contained deep doting affection that he himself probably hadn’t even realized.

Although Kai’s love was eventually able to move Qian Jia and he did become one of her mates, there was currently no precedent yet. The precedent for a female beastman having multiple mates hadn’t yet been established, so Kai had no choice but to suffer the pain of liking someone else’s mate.

Toward this, Ning Shu expressed, you freakin’ deserved it.

Although this task didn’t specify to do anything to Kai, it didn’t hinder her enjoyment of the schadenfreude.

The beastmen transformed into winged tigers and carried the female beastmen out of the tribe.

Qian Jia took the initiative to get onto Rui’s back, then the other female beastmen got onto the other male beastmen’s backs. Ning Shu was the only one that didn’t head towards anyone.

Kai hesitated for a moment, then he walked to Ning Shu and said, “Get on my back?”

Ning Shu grabbed at the tiger fur without hesitation to climb onto Kai’s back. The fur was pretty soft. It’d be perfect for making fur-clothing. The outfit would turn out top-quality for sure.

Kai flapped his wings and immediately soared into the air to catch up with the group that had already flown off.

As Ning Shu sat on the tiger’s back, she felt like all she could hear was the whistling of the wind. The slight breeze was very comfortable and she could see an unending stretch of forest below them. The entire world seemed to be covered by the prehistoric forests.

The air quality was sure good.

After they got a short distance away from the tribe, Rui who was flying in front said, “It’s the first time we’re heading out, so we shouldn’t go too far. Let’s just stop here.”

Then he slowly started to descend.

Since it was the first time the females had ever left the tribe, they were very excited and looked around at everything curiously.

They had grown up without ever stepping foot outside the tribe. The adults always told them that the outside world was very dangerous. The female beastmen were very weak, so the outside world was very dangerous to them.

So they were very excited and amazed to see the world outside of the tribe, but they were also a little scared.

Zhi held a basket in one hand as she ran over to take Ning Shu’s hand. It was clear that she was a little scared. Ning Shu smiled at her and squeezed her hand as she said, “Don’t be scared. I’m here.”

Ning Shu felt that the tribe was a little inhumane to keep the female beastmen imprisoned inside tribe in the name of protection. It must be known that all environmental evolution and adaptation was built upon blood.

As Qian Jia walked in front, she said, “This entire forest is filled with treasures. It’s filled with things that can be eaten, but it’s also very dangerous. As you guys look for things, make sure to watch out for snakes and bugs.”

She then pointed at a black tree fugus growing on a tree trunk and said, “This is edible. We can bring it back to dry it in the sun. It’s very tasty when stir-fried with meat.”

When the female beastmen heard that this was edible, they started picking it. Qian Jia pointed towards the mushrooms growing on the ground and said, “Soups boiled with this are very savory.”

When the female beastmen heard this, they started searching for mushrooms. Zhi picked a very brightly colored mushroom and asked Ning Shu, “Cao, look, this one’s huge!”

“You can’t eat…”

“You can’t eat that.” Before Ning Shu could finish her words, Qian Jia had walked over and said sternly to Zhi, “This is poisonous. For mushrooms, the more brightly colored they are, the more poisonous they are. Remember, you can’t gather this kind of mushroom!”

Zhi was startled by Qian Jia’s stern expression and looked towards Ning Shu. Ning Shu said, “Since Jia’s said that it’s poisonous, throw it away.”

“Oh…” Zhi hastily threw the mushroom away.

Qian Jia then picked some purslane. Every time she gathered something, she would explain that it was edible.

Ning Shu didn’t have much interest in wild vegetables and just collected some herbs. Meanwhile, whenever Zhi heard Qian Jia say that something was edible, she’d gather it like crazy. She was extremely excited.

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