QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0656

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Chapter 656: I Wish to Become the Wu

Wu sat down on a stone stool and looked at Ning Shu as she said, “Cao, I remember that your future mate is Kai. If you become Wu, you can’t be mates with Kai anymore.”

“Yes, I wish to become the Wu,” replied Ning Shu. She had completely forgotten about Kai earlier because he was someone that was bound to become part of the female lead’s harem.

“Why?” There was confusion on Wu’s face. “Your future mate is well and alive, and he’s also rather strong. What about him aren’t you satisfied with?” Wu started taking off the feathers in her hair.

“You must understand that the Wu can never have a mate in her lifetime. She must maintain purity in order to communicate with the Divinity.” Wu looked at Ning Shu seriously. “You must think things through carefully.”

“Wu, I can sense that Kai doesn’t like me. He likes the new female,” said Ning Shu straightforwardly. “I wish to study medicine with you and help the tribe.”

Wu peered at Ning Shu sharply. “Jia is already Rui’s mate. She can’t get in the way of you and Kai.”

Ning Shu shook her head. “Wu, I feel like I’m useless in the tribe. I wish to do something for the tribe and I can tell that Kai doesn’t wish to become my mate.”

Wu stared at Ning Shu for a very long time and Ning Shu held her gaze resolutely. Finally, Wu said, “Then you can study with me for a while. As for the matter of becoming Wu, let us discuss that in the future.”

It was clear that Wu thought she was just a young and naively headstrong female. However, there was no detriment in teaching a member of the tribe medicine.

Ning Shu nodded. She didn’t really care about becoming Wu, what she really wanted was the reputation that she knew medicine. For better or for worse, after spending so much time with the godly doctor, she could recognize some herbs now and was capable of treating some simple illnesses.

However, if she became capable of treating illnesses out of the blue, even prehistoric people would probably notice that something was off. Moreover, it wasn’t like prehistoric people were actually dumb.

They were plenty smart.

Having achieved her goal, she told Wu that she would come tomorrow to start learning.

Wu nodded casually.

As Ning Shu was heading back, she passed by the altar and her gaze was drawn to the myriad world stone again. It took a lot of effort to tear her gaze away. When she did, she saw that Zhi had been waiting for her.

She suddenly felt her heart warm. Although surviving was really hard, the people here lived in great harmony.

As she watched Zhi walk towards her, she silently made a vow to herself that she had to cultivate successfully and gain strength to change her fate as well as save Zhi and the other abandoned females.

She must fulfill the original host’s wishes!

Zhi was slightly younger than the original host and her future mate hadn’t been set yet. However, many male beastmen had already set their sights on her.

With Qian Jia’s arrival though, the male beastmen who had never before seen such a beautiful female became picky.

It could be said that Qian Jia’s appearance had the side effect of lowering the female beastmen’s status. Since Qian Jia could have more than one mate as well, every male beastmen wanted to become her mate.

The male beastmen who used to treasure the female beastmen greatly were now no longer as concerned. Some male beastmen even felt reluctant to accept their mates and the females were not treasured at all like before.

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