QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0682

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Chapter 682: The Trade Fair

Ning Shu felt that the weather was getting colder. She had to cover herself with beast skins at night now. That meant that winter would be here soon.

Wu summoned Ning Shu to ask if she had managed to communicate with the divine stone.

Ning Shu had completely forgotten about this matter, so when this was brought up, she raced through the options, then said, “I couldn’t communicate with the divine stone.”

Disappointment flashed through Wu’s eyes. “It seems like the Divinity didn’t choose you.”

“Wu, was it the Divinity that told you that Jia is the divine maiden?” Ning Shu had always been curious about why Wu would think that Qian Jia was the divine maiden.

Wu’s eyes glazed over slightly. “Look at the clothes she wears. Those clothes probably belong only to the Divinity. When I saw the Divinity, I think he was wearing that kind of clothing.”

“Huh!?” Ning Shu was bewildered. Could it be that Wu had been able to see that black figure clearly?

She had only seen a black shadowy figure. Was the content that they saw the same?

“You should go to the trade fair this time. It’s good to see more of the world. While at it, spend more time trying to communicate with the divine stone. You must be resolute in your decision to become the Wu. As long as you are, you’ll be able to communicate with the divine stone,” said Wu.

As she was speaking, she suddenly started coughing. When Ning Shu saw that Wu seemed to be showing symptoms of bronchitis, she asked, “Wu, what’s wrong?”

“It’s an old illness. It gets like this whenever it gets cold.” Wu waved dismissively as she said, “I’ll probably be going to the Divinity soon. Hopefully I will be granted a position below his throne so that I can continue to worship him.”

Ning Shu: …

So Wu was currently in a hurry to find a successor.

Ning Shu mulled over the matter of the trade fair as she returned from Wu’s place. An annual trade fair was held before every winter and all the tribes would trade for things they need in order to survive winter better.

When Zhi heard that Ning Shu could go to the trade fair, she was very envious. There were always a lot of things at the trade fair and beastmen from every tribe would be present.

Ning Shu wasn’t very interested though.

However, she hadn’t expected that her spot ended up being taken away a few days later and given to Zhi instead.

Ning Shu narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. She soon heard that Qian Jia would be going as well as leader of the female beastmen.

Qian Jia had probably refused to go with her. As of now, all Qian Jia had to do was remark that she wanted something for it to happen.

Wu couldn’t really say anything when Ning Shu’s spot was taken away, but her cough started getting worse and she frowned as she looked at Qian Jia.

Wu sighed as she said to Ning Shu, “She’s the divine maiden. I just don’t know if the Divinity sent her here to help the beastmen or to destroy them. I can only pray that the Divinity will take pity on our tribe.”

Ning Shu’s lips twitched. You were completely overthinking things.

Of course, as the super annoying supporting female lead, Ning Shu had to go and argue with Qian Jia again. She insisted that Qian Jia gave her an explanation for taking away her spot and said all sorts of things to put Qian Jia in a tight spot.

Before Qian Jia even said anything, the nearby beastmen started speaking up on Qian Jia’s behalf. Everyone ignored Ning Shu who had her spot taken away and instead, consoled Qian Jia who had been angered by Ning Shu while berating Ning Shu.

When Ning Shu saw how protective these beastmen were of Qian Jia, she got a firsthand look at how omnipotent Qian Jia had become in Winged Tigers Tribe.

The people who were defending Qian Jia were all male beastmen. The female beastmen didn’t really say anything. Perhaps they were also unhappy with this divine maiden who had taken away the gazes of all the male beastmen, but they couldn’t voice it.

After Ning Shu and Qian Jia started arguing, a lot of female beastmen chose not to get involved and just left the place.

Ning Shu saw that there was no point to continuing this argument, so she turned and left. Kai ran to catch up with Ning Shu. She glanced over and saw that he looked irritated. He was probably here to lecture her again.

Hence, without saying a word, she aimed a kick at his lower leg. Kai could’ve dodged easily, but he hadn’t expected for a female to attack him so he ended up taking the full hit. It was unbearably painful.

“I already told you that I don’t want to talk to you. Stop trying to lecture me.” Ning Shu turned and left.

The original host’s father had died for the sake of saving Kai, and children without parents were just grass. Had the original host’s pa still been here, would Kai dare to bully her like this?

Zhi, who ended up getting the spot, spoke to Ning Shu uneasily, “I don’t know why it became mine.”

Ning Shu smiled towards her. “It’s good to go see more of the world. You know as well that Jia doesn’t like me, so if we go together, it’ll just be annoying for both of us.”

Winged Tigers Tribe was looking forward to the trade fair a lot since their tribe had gained a ton of good things. The pottery, seeds, vegetables, and seasonings would definitely make the other tribes’ eyeballs pop out.

They were immensely smug. Their Winged Tigers Tribe possessed a lot of good things now too!

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