QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0606

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Chapter 606: Innocent-looking Vixen

Mai Douer suddenly felt delighted. This feeling of suddenly soaring to the top in importance made her feel floaty and elated.

Perhaps the director’s attitude made Mai Douer’s mood extremely good because her state while filming was very good the entire time and she was able to finish the act in one try.

In the past, acting felt like torture since she was always dreading the director’s shouts, but now it felt like the skies were clearing.

She had never felt so carefree since she had entered the entertainment circles.

Ning Shu took in the happy flush on Mai Douer’s face. Mai Douer’s expression was now filled with unconcealable arrogance. After suffering so much before, now that the situation had suddenly reversed and the people who had looked down on her before was now trying to curry favor with her, no matter how strong the person’s nature was, they wouldn’t be able to suppress a feeling of delight.

Right now, Mai Douer was very delighted.

Ning Shu smiled mildly as she handed Mai Douer a bottle of water. Mai Douer used two fingers to delicately twist open the cap and take a sip. Her entire sequence of motions contained a haughty air.

Ning Shu said expressionlessly, “You’re in a very good state today. There’s going to be one last act, then your role is complete.”

Mai Douer nodded. However, when she recalled that the last scene was when she’d have to have her pants pulled down and be beaten, her expression immediately darkened. This change in mood was so abrupt that even Ning Shu was taken aback.

Was this really still the wonderfully pure Mai Douer?

She smiled lightly without saying anything.

In the end, Mai Douer gritted her teeth and filmed the last scene. As her pants were pulled off in front of everyone, an indescribable feeling of sorrow arose in her heart. This was what it was like to have no power. If she had already made a name for herself or had a strong background, she wouldn’t have to suffer this anymore. There’d be someone to take the suffering for her.

Mai Douer finished filming the last scene with great difficulty. She felt like everyone was looking down on her.

She didn’t want to stay there for even a second longer. Her facial color was poor even when she got into the car. Ning Shu got into the driver’s seat, then glanced over with a smile. “Congratulations on finishing the filming.”

“What’s the point of congratulating something like this? It’s just a small role.” Mai Douer looked a little uncomfortable.

A small role? Ning Shu felt that Mai Douer’s ambition had increased again. After getting help from Mo Juefeng once and experiencing what it was like to have her fortune turn around, her emotional state was becoming even more unstable.

Soon the drama that Mai Douer took part in started being broadcasted on TV. The viewing rates were pretty good. Mai Douer sat in front of the TV and watched closely.

She felt very satisfied seeing herself on TV. Inside the drama, she was able to try a different life while acting as a character, and so many people would see her through the screen and get to know her.

A vain feeling arose in her heart.

However, Ning Shu searched online to see what people thought about Mai Douer’s role and as she expected, everyone hated Mai Douer’s role as a vixen servant girl a lot. All the comments were insults.

There were all sorts of ugly comments like she looked pure on the outside but was a complete whore on the inside. The women were especially put off by Mai Douer.

Mai Douer gained a bit of fame, but everyone that knew of her always said with an expression of contempt, “Oh, you mean that vixen?”

Even though Mai Douer never did anything improper, the hat of being an innocent-looking vixen was now pinned to her head. The first impression everyone had of her was this. Even if she acted in other roles in the future, it’d still be difficult to make people’s impression of her budge.

Ning Shu pushed her notebook in front of Mai Douer so that she could see people’s evaluation of her.

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