QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0686

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Chapter 686: The Power the Divinity Granted

The female beastmen were even more frightened. Zhi shouted towards Ning Shu, “Cao, hurry and dodge!”

As Qian Jia took this scene in, her gaze flickered evasively, but she remained silent. The female beastman had brought this on herself.

She was so malicious that even her future mate wanted to kill her.

Ning Shu met Kai’s cold gaze calmly as she revolved all the energy inside her body to meet Kai’s attack.

As the paw and fist collided, there was the distinct sound of bones breaking. Everyone was astonished. Kai had actually been sent crashing to the ground.

Their jaws dropped and they stared blankly as the skinny female beastman climbed onto Kai’s back and rained punches on him.

To Kai, each punch felt like he was being hit by a falling boulder. It was excruciatingly painful. And the worst part was, he had actually been beaten in his transformed state by a female!

Kai flapped his wings to try to shake her off his back.

Ning Shu laughed coldly. This time she was going to beat the shit out of him. She’d like to see whether he’d still dare to tower above her and yap at her after this. She was going to beat him until he’d turn tail and run instinctively at the sight of her!

He wanted to get on Qian Jia’s good side? He should check if he had that ability first!

Ning Shu grabbed one of Kai’s wings and sank her energy into her dantian. Then with a surge of strength, she started swinging him around like a whip and smashing him on the ground. Every time Kai hit the ground, everyone felt the ground shake.

Male beastmen: …

Female beastmen: …

Wu: …

Ning Shu finally smashed Kai onto the ground for the last time and released his wing. She dusted off her hands, feeling refreshed.

Refreshing, it was so refreshing!

Kai transformed back into his human form. His arms were limp due to his broken bones and there were fist-sized bruises all over his face and his body. His face was horrifyingly swollen.

“Cao…” Zhi stared at Ning Shu in shock. Ning Shu smiled towards Zhi, then turned towards the equally dumbstruck Wu to say, “Wu, I’ve successfully communicated with the divine stone. This is the power that the Divinity has granted me.”

Wu: …

“Good, very good! It looks like the Divinity likes you a lot, to have granted you this kind of power! Very good!” Wu smiled happily. “Since you’re the Wu that the Divinity has chosen, naturally you will not become mates with Kai.”

Wu believed Ning Shu’s words without hesitation since Ning Shu’s strength was beyond her expectations. Furthermore, when had any female beastmen ever possessed such power? It could only be explained by the Divinity.

Kai was helped up by a male beastman. The expression on his face was extremely dark.

Qian Jia felt very uncomfortable when she saw that Ning Shu had easily gained the upper hand in this confrontation, so she said, “The Divinity granted you power, but you’re actually using it to bully others. Would the Divinity like a Wu like you?”

Ning Shu tilted her head as she smiled nonchalantly at Qian Jia. “Could it be that I should just allow Kai to kill me? Did the Divinity grant the male beastmen power so that they could oppress the female beastmen and kill females who don’t even have the power to resist?”

“Before we started fighting, was Kai not aware that I was a female? If it weren’t for the strength that the Divinity granted me, I would’ve been killed by Kai. Would you have rebuked Kai for that?” Ning Shu’s gaze was very cold and filled with disgust as she looked at Qian Jia.

It was already very difficult for the females to survive, but they still had to endure the maliciousness of other females.

“If one day Rui wanted to kill you, based on what you’re saying, you’ll stand there obediently and allow him to kill you? Divine Maiden, you’re also a female beastmen. You should be taking into consideration the female beastmen’s standpoint. Females don’t have power and are weak, but is this any reason for male beastmen to oppress us?”

“You’re the divine maiden. A lot of people like you and a lot of people are willing to do anything for you. What right do you have, and with what standpoint are you using to criticize me?” Ning Shu took a step towards Qian Jia. Qian Jia fearfully took a step back and bumped into Rui’s chest.

Qian Jia’s face was deathly pale but she couldn’t come up with any retorts.

Ning Shu continued with a smile, “In reality, Divine Maiden, you’re just trying to stomp on me in order to increase Kai’s favorable impression of you, right?”

“I’m not!” refuted Qian Jia angrily.

Ning Shu laughed, then she clenched her fist and blew on it as she turned to scan the faces of those male beastmen.

All the male beastmen that Ning Shu looked at shifted their gaze away.

Rui felt that things were off. In the past the tribe had always been united, but now the tribe was in a crisis. He had a strong feeling that this tribe would break into factions. He was going to be the future tribe chief, so he had to get rid of the threat right now.

The female beastman Cao would become the next Wu of the tribe, but she was completely incompatible with his mate, so this was bound to be harmful to the tribe.

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