QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0705

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Chapter 705: Bridal-Style

However, Ning Shu forgot about one thing, which was that practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts would make people’s appetites increase. By the time she realized, the little female beastmen were all looking at her with their eyes wide pleadingly.

Ning Shu: …

However, she was really happy since a couple beastmen were showing results from cultivating and they were young females to boot. The tribe seemed to be developing in a good direction.

Ning Shu bore with the intense sunlight to hunt. There was a smell of rot hovering over the entire world since animal corpses were rotting everywhere.

After running for a very long time, she finally found a bison. The bison was currently rolling around in a mud pit.

She lifted her stick as she approached the bison. This could probably feed them for about two days.

She inwardly heaved a long sigh as she killed the bison, then she revolved her energy to lift the bison. Suddenly, something jumped onto her shoulder and grabbed her hair while crying ‘jijiji’ noisily.

Ning Shu turned to look. When she saw a little gray furball, her hip almost snapped from surprise. She closed her eyes and took a couple deep breaths. This was a hallucination; it was a hallucination. How could that thing be in this world? Could it be that this thing was that one’s ancestor?

“Jijiji…” The little gray furball cried toward Ning Shu as it stared at Ning Shu with its black bean-like eyes. Its nose kept twitching as it sniffed and tears welled up in its eyes. It seemed really thirsty because it licked up its own tears as they fell.

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu carried the bison back into the cavern. The moment they got there, the gray furball leaped into a stone pot and started gulping up the water.

Zhi looked at the gray furball as she asked Ning Shu, “What’s that?”

“I don’t know either.” Ning Shu rolled her eyes.

She had encountered something mouse-like in that princess world and had given that little gray furball to Li Wen, so why was it here?

Ning Shu could sense that this little thing knew her.

The little thing drank all the water in the stone pot, then jumped onto Ning Shu’s shoulder to grab her hair while screeching sharply.

Ning Shu: …

Big tears fell out of the gray furball’s eyes with plops but it licked the tears back up. Afterwards, it ran out of the cavern.

Ning Shu followed the gray furball. In the end, she was led to someone who was lying in a pile of short brambles.

The little gray furball squeaked worriedly towards the person on the ground.

The first thing Ning Shu saw were the dusty, black shoes decorated with cloud-style embroidery. Following that was the bright yellow dragon robe. Finally, there was that incongruously dirty face covered by hair.

Gawd. Ning Shu facepalmed, then crouched down to flick that hair out of the way. As expected, it was Li Wen.

His skin had already become tan from the intense sunlight and his lips were cracking from lack of water.

What the frick? How did he end up in this world?

Ning Shu directly lifted him and carried him back to the cavern, bridal-style.

Zhi: …

#comment: Ning Shu tossed Li Wen onto the dry grass (◞º❒º)◞₎₎(◟º❑º)◟⁾⁾➟➠➨ and then… (Thoughts naturally follow what happened to Qian Jia when Rui threw her onto dry grass. This novel has so corrupted moi.)

The little gray furball: (,,#゚Д゚)

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