QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0625

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Chapter 625: A Li Douer or Some Other Douer

When Mai Douer first entered the entertainment circles, she was beautifully pure. After having a short fateful encounter with Mo Juefeng, the two of them fell in love.

Mo Juefeng only liked women that were pure and didn’t know much about the world. This woman could be Mai Douer, but it could also be a Li Douer or some other Douer.

Now that Mai Douer had changed and she was inherently no longer as pure, Mo Juefeng only had temporary interest in her. Their relationship was purely that of a sugar daddy and his lover. She gave her body and he gave her resources to help her climb up in the entertainment world. The relationship was clear cut.

Ning Shu felt that Mo Juefeng was just in love with a certain feeling. As long as the woman was capable of giving him that feeling, he’d fall in love with her.

However, due to a slight change in the storyline, the original female lead, Mai Douer, was no longer the female lead since she was no longer innocent and ignorant of the ways of the world!

It was seriously a sad story.

Mo Juefeng seemed fed up with how Mai Douer kept crying. “You can’t keep this child. In two months, there’s a role for the supporting female lead of a movie worth 200 million. You can have the role. Stop testing my bottom line.”

Mo Juefeng then wrote Mai Douer a check and placed it on the coffee table before turning to leave. Mai Douer didn’t even have the courage to cry for Mo Juefeng to stop. She clenched her clothes while trembling.

After a few steps, Mo Juefeng stopped and turned towards Mai Douer again. “Oh right, one more thing…”

Mai Douer stiffly turned around and looked towards Mo Juefeng hopefully. She was hoping that Mo Juefeng had changed his mind.

Mo Juefeng ignored Mai Douer’s longing gaze and said coldly, “Mai Douer, give up on trying any tricks, or I’ll make it so that you wished you were dead. Get rid of the child cleanly and give up on any hopes of using the child to blackmail me. If you give birth to it, I’ll make it so that you won’t be able to stay in the entertainment circles anymore.”

Ning Shu: …

Oh my god!!!

She had already experienced quite a few worlds, but this was still the first time she had seen a male lead be so ruthless towards the female lead. This was what it was like when you weren’t loved. Without the male lead’s doting love, Mai Douer’s life couldn’t even compare to that of a cannon fodder’s. That was why it was best to rely on yourself for things. Relying on others, especially on men, would only fail you when you need help most.

Women could live brilliant lives without the affection of a man. It was more important that they loved themselves.

Mai Douer thought that Mo Juefeng turned back because he was regretting things and wanted her to stay. If Mo Juefeng had said anything gentle towards her, she’d choose to stay at his side without any hesitation.

However, unexpectedly, Mo Juefeng’s next words were even more hurtful. Tears overflowed her eyes as she watched Mo Juefeng leave. His back was imposing as always, but now it looked aloof like never before.

So aloof that she felt like she would never be able to cross paths with him again.

There came the sound of an engine starting from outside, then the surroundings soon fell silent. It was clear that Mo Juefeng had already left.

Mai Douer stared at the door without moving, then finally curled up on the ground and started bawling. She was crying so hard that her shoulders shuddered. It was a very pity-evoking sight.

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