QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0653

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Chapter 653: Charming and Gentle Night

Rui watched as Qian Jia kept biting at the meat futilely like a little child that hadn’t grown teeth yet.

Ripples suddenly stirred in his heart. He felt like she was very cute with her fair skin and pink lips. Her body was smaller than that of female beastmen. He had never seen a little female like this before.

He took the meat and ripped it into little pieces before putting it back in front of her. Qian Jia finally successfully took a bite, but it made her gag. It was tasteless and filled with a fishy and earthy stench. It was seriously disgusting.

Never, never had she eaten something so disgusting. She was filled with regret about being picky in the past. The things she had found unbearable to eat in the past now seemed like priceless delicacies to her.

When Rui saw that the little female was choking and coughing, he reached out to gently pat her back, only to find that the animal skin she was wearing was very soft. He was able to feel her body warmth through the thin animal skin.

His eyes dilated and he abruptly picked Qian Jia up, ignoring her baffled expression, to place her on the dry grass, then he pressed her down.

Qian Jia finally snapped out of her confusion. This guy wanted to do what animals did! The chastity that she had protected for so long was about to be snatched away by a prehistoric person! How could she allow that!?

Rui didn’t know how to take off the jeans Qian Jia was wearing, but he was easily able to tear it apart with his strength. When he saw that there was more animal fur inside, he tore it apart too.

Qian Jia wanted to cry but didn’t have the tears. She was terrified and hammered at Rui while crying, trying to push him off her, but she couldn’t change her own fate.

Rui sucked at the little dark red peaks in fascination. Her body gave off a fragrance that was intoxicating.

Qian Jia felt her limbs go weak from his teasing. When she looked up and saw such a handsome face with such deep yet clear amber eyes, she couldn’t help but be captivated.

It was a charming and gentle night.

Meanwhile, Ning Shu had trained for an entire night and ate an entire bottle of fasting pills, but she still wasn’t able to form any energy. She felt like crying.

She had been able to cultivate in the modern world despite its lack of spirit energy, but now that she came to the prehistoric world which was filled with spirit energy, she actually couldn’t cultivate at all?

It didn’t make sense!

This served to prove how terrible the potential of this body was. The school doctor uncle said that the quality of the genes showed on the face. Ning Shu didn’t know what this body’s looks were like, but it was probably as ugly as that of the other female beastmen in the tribe.


Ning Shu shoved another fasting pill into her mouth, then continued mediating. She insisted on cultivating some energy. As long as she formed some energy, she’d be able to eat spirit essence crystals. However, she didn’t dare to court death by eating spirit essence crystals before there was energy inside her body to absorb the crystal’s frightful amount of energy.

At this time, she heard heavy footsteps from the entrance and immediately stopped what she was doing to look over.

“Why are you still here? Everyone’s gone to the place of offering.” Zhi walked over to pull Ning Shu up.

Ning Shu was baffled. “Did something happen in the tribe?”

“Didn’t Rui bring back a female? Wu needs to communicate with the Divinity and see whether the Divinity will allow her to stay in the tribe,” replied Zhi.

The Divinity? A prehistoric society actually had the concept of divinity?

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