QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0629

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Chapter 629: Life Without Mo Juefeng

The most important part was that Mai Douer had already gotten used to the days with Mo Juefeng. As long as Mo Juefeng was present, her path forward was perfectly smooth. When he was standing behind her, she was filled with a sense of safety.

But he had now dumped her, so she couldn’t help but feel terrified. She was terrified that her life would go back to how it used to be. Even the simplest things became extremely difficult without Mo Juefeng’s support.

Mai Douer had already gotten used to having Mo Juefeng help her deal with everything. That sensation made her feel so happy and carefree, but now she had to go back to suffering and acting minor roles? She had to start bowing and scraping to people again? Just thinking about that was frightening.

The reason she didn’t want to leave Mo Juefeng wasn’t just because she had fallen in love with him, but also because of his great power.

Mai Douer couldn’t help but cry when she thought about the future. Why? Why!? Why did things turn out this way?

She really regretted telling Mo Juefeng about the fact that she had gotten pregnant. If she had quietly gotten rid of the child and rested for a while, perhaps she could’ve stayed together with him.

But now she didn’t even have the qualifications to stay by his side anymore.

Ning Shu looked on indifferently as Mai Douer bawled, then helped her through the procedures of getting discharged and brought her back to the apartment to rest.

Mai Douer was very unwilling to leave the hospital. She felt that her manager was extremely stingy for not even being willing to pay the hospitalization fee. When Ning Shu saw Mai Douer’s expression, she instantly knew what she was thinking.

“There are a lot of people in the hospital and plenty of gossip goes around. Can it be that you want people to know that you had an abortion? For better or for worse, you have some fame now. Are you hoping for a scandal?” asked Ning Shu coldly.

Mai Douer was forced to choke back her complaints, so she bit her lips angrily and covered herself with the thin blanket before turning to look outside the window.

Ning Shu paid no more attention to her. When they got back to the apartments, Mai Douer headed back to her room to rest. Mai Douer had seriously damaged her health this time. What use was there in anything if you didn’t treasure your own body above all else?

The director called to have Mai Douer head to the filming location, but Ning Shu used the excuse that Mai Douer caught a heavy cold to tell him to push things off for a few days.

This was a film that Mo Juefeng had invested in and he had done it so that Mai Douer could have the role of female lead. Since Mai Douer wasn’t feeling well, the director couldn’t say much and the filming crew could only wait until Mai Douer got better to start filming.

However, to Ning Shu’s surprise, Mai Douer only rested for a week before she went back to work. Her face was still completely pale as she was leaving the apartment.

“Why don’t you rest for a few more days? Your facial color is still really poor,” said Ning Shu. What was the point of pushing herself like this? Without good health, nothing else mattered and filming took a lot of energy.

Ning Shu was just warning Mai Douer, but Mai Douer abruptly started shouting at her, “Mo Juefeng’s already dumped me! I’m not Mo Juefeng’s woman anymore! If I don’t go film, could it be that I should just wait until Mo Juefeng swaps me out?”

Ning Shu: …

Do whatever you like. Ning Shu shrugged. In any case, it wasn’t her health that was getting ruined. Mai Douer’s current temper was seriously nothing to be sneered at.

She had probably suffered a lot of psychological damage.

Ning Shu brought Mai Douer to the filming location only to find that Mo Juefeng was actually present. When Mai Douer saw Mo Juefeng from the inside car, her tears spilled out.

During this past period of time, Mo Juefeng hadn’t come to visit her at all. He didn’t even drop by the hospital when she was going through surgery. She had been in so much pain, but he hadn’t even asked about her.

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