QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0663

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Chapter 663: Didn’t Kai Say Anything to You?

Qian Jia was able to captivate all the female beastmen in the tribe with a single dinner. In addition, she was very generous and after dinner, started teaching the female beastmen how to do their hair.

She even gave them some crude soap. It was made simply by mixing plant ash and animal fat, then letting it harden.

When the female beastmen heard that this thing could be used to wash their body and hair, they were astonished. Then the whole group of them ran to the river to wash their hair.

Ning Shu looked at the small clump of soap in her hand. The plant ash was visible in the yellowish-white fat. She went with the female beastmen over to the river to wash her hair as well.

After using the soap, her hair did get a lot cleaner than before.

She really wanted to ask what major Qian Jia had been studying in college. She knew how to make soap, pottery, houses, and once an iron mine was discovered, even knew how to make ironware. She allowed the prehistoric world to skip right past the Bronze Age and enter the Iron Age.

Everything ended up super easy in Qian Jia’s hands. Although she’d fail a couple times, she’d always succeed in the end.

In reality, Qian Jia was just an omnipotent Mary Sue.

However, this had nothing to do with her. Her task this time didn’t involve the female lead so it was necessary to maintain good relationships.

Ning Shu headed over to borrow something from Qian Jia. “Jia, can I borrow the kni… thing you used to cut meat? I want to get rid of my hair.”

Ning Shu had been wanting to get rid of this hair. It was so long that it reached her butt, so she always ended up sitting on her hair.

Qian Jia was taken aback for a moment, then she smiled and said, “Sure.”

She went back to the cave, then handed the Swiss Army knife to Ning Shu. Ning Shu acted like she didn’t know how to use it and looked towards Qian Jia.

Qian Jia cutely slapped her head in realization, then took the knife and said, “You don’t know how to use it, right? This is a very ordinary thing where I’m from, it’s called a knife. I’ll help you cut your hair, alright?”

“Thank… Thank you,” said Ning Shu as she tried to control the twitching of her lips. She felt like Qian Jia’s tone was filled with superiority when she was saying that.

After Qian Jia helped Ning Shu cut a few stands of hair, Ning Shu started doing it herself and directly hacked her hair to shoulder length. Since it was done with a knife, it was as messy as if a dog had chomped at it. Although it wasn’t anything pretty, at the very least it was comfortable.

Qian Jia had a lot of charm. After this one meal, all the female beastmen liked her a lot and completely worshipped her.

On the way back, Zhi kept complimenting Qian Jia nonstop. Her eyes were filled with envy as she said, “Qian Jia is really a good female beastman. A lot of beastmen like her, it’s no wonder that Kai likes her too.”

Ning Shu caught an issue. Kai was the one person mentioned out of all things, so she glanced over at Zhi. “You like Kai?”

“Why would I like Kai?” Zhi looked at Ning Shu in surprise. “Kai always seemed to be so indifferent towards the females in the tribe, but he seems to like Jia a lot.”

Ning Shu: I was wrong…

“Huh? Why did you do that to your hair? It’s seriously ugly. All the females in the tribe have long hair. You’re seriously ugly like this, Kai won’t like it!” Zhi’s expression was very exaggerated and she was just short of screaming.

Ning Shu flicked her hair. “It’s more comfortable this way.”

Zhi looked at Ning Shu with disappointed frustration as she said, “I even told Kai that you were going to become the Wu last time. Didn’t he say anything to you?”

Ning Shu shook her head. “He said that he would help me become the Wu.”

Zhi: …

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