QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0831

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Chapter 831: I’m Making You Mine!

Ning Shu pressed her lips together as she looked at the flirtatious little vixen at the door. The veins on her forehead pulsed. This was seriously awkward, but she still had to maintain a slight smile.

“Are you certain?” She looked straight at Song Ning as she asked, “You’re certain you want to…”

Song Ning stood up and walked to Ning Shu, then poked her chest. “We’re both adults, what do you think?”

Ning Shu smiled faintly as she grabbed Song Ning’s finger which was white like jade. She examined it carefully. It was slender and beautiful. Each of her fingers seemed to have been carefully crafted. She was truly a beautiful woman.

When Song Ning saw how focused Ning Shu was, her heart pulsed hard. This man was seriously handsome.

Ning Shu let go of Song Ning’s finger, then stroked Song Ning’s arm. It was like touching satiny sheep-fat white jade. It felt so nice that Ning Shu couldn’t help but rub it a little.

A red flush appeared on Song Ning’s face and her gaze became hazy and filled with passion as she looked at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu met Song Ning’s gaze. She seemed to feel that this woman in front of her loved her a lot, like she was the most important person in this woman’s life. It felt like this woman was worthy of trust, that it would be worth it to love her.

It felt like their hearts were connected.

Ning Shu grabbed Song Ning’s arm and pulled her out of the room before saying mildly, “I don’t want to interact with you.”

Song Ning’s face immediately stiffened. The disbelief and embarrassed anger twisted her expression slightly. “Are you a man or not?”

He could even reject someone who brought themselves to his door? Song Ning really didn’t know what to say. Could it be that Gong Luo seriously liked An Nuan that much to the point that he wanted to guard his body for An Nuan?

Song Ning was furious. She reached out and grabbed Ning Shu’s shirt as she said, “Are you a man or not? Or is it that you can’t do it?”

“I insist on pushing you down today and making you mine!” As Song Ning spoke, she lifted herself up on tiptoe to kiss Ning Shu.

Frick, what the f*ck?

Ning Shu pushed away Song Ning’s approaching face and said mildly, “Sleep properly. Stop thinking about pointless things.”

Then she slammed the door so abruptly that Song Ning’s nose almost got flattened.

Song Ning rubbed her nose, then gave a cold laugh before leaving with her arms crossed.

Ning Shu shook her head, then lay down on the bed to sleep. This wasn’t her body. She was only here to carry out a task, so she didn’t have the right to use the entrustor’s body to do things that were overstepping her bounds. It’d be even more wrong for her to do things that would cause the entrustor trouble.

So she didn’t even dare to come close to things that involved emotions. She couldn’t make things complicated just because she wanted to have some momentary fun.

It was best to leave Song Ning, this fiancée, for the original host to deal with himself.

The next day, when Ning Shu got up and went downstairs, she didn’t see Song Ning, so she asked Aunt Li, “Where’s Miss Song?”

“Miss Song left early this morning.” Aunt Li poured Ning Shu a cup of milk.

She left early this morning? Ning Shu lifted her brows. It seemed like what happened last night had made Song Ning angry.

She shrugged. If she left, so be it. It was more comfortable without her hovering around.

It wasn’t like she was a real man.

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