QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0693

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Chapter 693: At This Time, There Came News

Qian Jia was passing her days in blessed bliss, but Ning Shu on the other hand was very fretful. Her heart pounded uneasily and her hair was completely raising on end.

Sometimes, when she left the cave, she would see that the snakes that were supposed to be hibernating slithering around on the snow-covered ground. Mice bit at each other’s tails as they all scurried to flee in clusters.

The surface of the river already had a thick layer of ice, but there was still the sound of water gurgling below the ice.

Ning Shu knew that the earthquake was about to hit.

She stopped sleeping at night and just mediated until dawn. During this time, she had swallowed several more pieces of spirit essence crystal and had gotten a lot stronger.

At the start only a few waves of animals fled, but now the sky was blanketed by birds that were crying out eerily.

The one benefit that came of this was that the tribe was able to catch a lot of the birds and have a good feast.

As the feeling of danger became more and more prominent, Ning Shu became increasingly irascible.

At this time, there came news that Qian Jia had gotten pregnant. Ning Shu’s lips twitched hard.

No one knew which tribe this child would belong to.

Actually, there was one part that had always confused Ning Shu. Shouldn’t Qian Jia, who had come from the modern world, have loving one person for life as an ideal? How could she accept something like np?

Did she have enough love for all these males?

Perhaps what Qian Jia liked was the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful men.

Most of Qian Jia’s children didn’t have the power to transform. Qian Jia’s genes had sped up the beastmen’s rate of devolution.

Actually, there were cases of male beastmen not being able to transform. These defected males were useless in the tribe and if they weren’t able to transform by the time they turned five, their constitution wouldn’t be strong enough for them to survive.

Most of them died young. It was a sort of natural selection.

However, Qian Jia was pretty glad that her children were ordinary people and her children didn’t die young either like the other male beastmen who weren’t able to transform.

However, in this dangerous world, beastmen relied on their ability to transform to survive.

Ning Shu wasn’t the only one who was wondering which male beastmen the child in Qian Jia’s stomach belonged to, everyone in the tribe was wondering about that.

After finding out that the person they love was pregnant, the male beastmen finally stopped dragging Qian Jia out every day to hump which allowed Qian Jia to loosen a breath in relief.

Qian Jia was very happy to find out that she had gotten pregnant, so she wanted to invite everyone over for dinner. She asked a couple female beastmen to help her cook and she also made a couple dishes herself.

It was currently winter so food was tight. Rui wanted to wait until winter passed before holding a banquet, but with so many rivals around, he couldn’t voice this.

He didn’t want Qian Jia’s other males to look down on him, so he had no choice but to grit his teeth and agree even though the food that these male beastmen consumed while staying in Winged Tigers Tribe was an enormous amount as well.

Not only did he have to share his mate with other people, he also had to feed his rivals. This situation made Rui very depressed.

But he loved Qian Jia, so for her sake, he could endure anything.

Kai also contributed half of the food in his cave to the feast because he was worried that Qian Jia and Rui wouldn’t have enough food and would be embarrassed after inviting everyone.

But no matter how happy they were about this big event, they still shouldn’t be celebrating during this time when food was in short supply. That girl seriously liked to show off.

This time, Qian Jia even invited Ning Shu to the dinner, so Ning Shu felt even more certain that she was just trying to show off.

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