QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0605

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Chapter 605: The Director Will Definitely Keep You On

“You’ve only entered the entertainment circles recently so you don’t understand Mo Juefeng’s power very well. He pretty much controls the entertainment circles. That’s why I brought you over to apologize to him immediately last time when you spilled juice on his clothes.” Ning Shu filled Mai Douer in on Mo Juefeng’s power.

She continued, “It’s a good thing he hadn’t held it against you back then. A single sentence from him would’ve destroyed all your chances of making it in the entertainment circles.”

Mai Douer listened with a dumbfounded expression that also contained a hint of a different emotion. She asked, “Is he really that amazing?”

“Of course, but how is ‘amazing’ enough to describe him? He’s practically a cheat-like existence, the dream wealthy husband of countless women.” Ning Shu’s expression was a little exaggerated as she glanced over at Mai Douer and said, “Who would’ve thought he’d help you out?”

Mai Douer recalled Mo Juefeng’s appearance. Why did she always encounter that person in her most wretched state?

Meanwhile, he always looked so dignified and aloof, handsome and tall. The power he possessed made him naturally dazzling.

For some reason, Mai Douer felt her heart beating really fast with a hard to describe feeling.

When Ning Shu saw that Mai Douer seemed to be lost in thought, she said, “It’s fine. The director will definitely call you tomorrow to ask you to continue filming, so you should rest up today.”

Mai Douer nodded. She was no longer falling apart like before and Ning Shu could almost see strange pink bubbles around her.

Perhaps Mai Douer was attracted to Mo Juefeng now, but would Mo Juefeng still like Mai Douer the way she was now?

The Mai Douer Mo Juefeng had liked was a perfectly innocent girl that was unstained by the fifth of the entertainment circles.

However, the current Mai Douer’s aura was filled with exhaustion and impatience for success.

As Ning Shu had predicted, the next day the director called Mai Douer to have her come in to film.

After getting the phone call, Mai Douer turned towards Ning Shu in shock. “Big Sis Chen, the director really is telling me to continue filming. How did you know that he would keep me on?”

Ning Shu took a sip of a seriously bitter cup of coffee and smacked her lips before saying, “Of course he’ll have you stay on. Mo Juefeng had spoken up for you last night after all. The director isn’t sure if you have some sort of relationship with Mo Juefeng, so he’ll still have you continue acting. In addition, no one else is willing to take this role and you guys have already filmed over half of it. Your role is nearly finalized, so if you stop filming, they’ll have to spend money and time trying to find someone else to take this role. That’s why there’s no way the director will fire you at this point.”

Mai Douer listened quietly to Ning Shu’s analysis, then looked over in stunned amazement. “Big Sis Chen, you’re really amazing.”

“The person who’s amazing is Mo Juefeng. Over half of the reason is due to Mo Juefeng. In the future, be more polite when you see him since he has helped you after all. Don’t provoke him either. People in power hate being offended by others the most,” instructed Ning Shu.

Mai Douer’s eyes sparkled as she nodded. Then she said, “Big Sis Chen, can you come with me this time? I’m scared after what happened last night.”

Ning Shu nodded. “I’ll go with you this time. There’s no need to be scared, the director won’t dare to do anything to you.”

Ning Shu drove Mai Douer to the filming location. Mai Douer had been scared of the director since before and now she felt really awkward and also loathed him after what happened last night. However, the director now treated her very well. His manner had never been so amiable before.

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