QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0646

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Chapter 646: Take You Along to Act Cool!

Ning Shu sat on the sofa and started browsing through the system marketplace. She saw a lot of things she wanted to get, but when she saw her points, she fell into despair. Her points seemed completely worthless.

“You should exchange for the things you need before starting a task. Once you enter a task world, you can’t use the system marketplace anymore, so there’s also a bit of luck involved. Sometimes you end up not being able to use the things you prepared in the task,” warned 2333.

Ning Shu asked, “Aren’t you in charge of the marketplace?”

“How could a primary system like me possibly be in charge of something like that? This marketplace’s network is connected to every task-taker and it’s aware of every task-taker’s situation. I don’t have the right to get involved with the affairs of the system marketplace at all.”

2333 sounded a little dispirited. Ning Shu was a primary level task-taker, but he was also just a primary level system.

“Oh, so you’re also primary level.” A question suddenly occurred to Ning Shu and she asked, “If someone is exterminated, what happens to the system bounded to her? Does it also get exterminated?”

This clearly was not a pleasant topic. Even though 2333 was only a string of numbers, he was still grumpy about it. “If you get exterminated, I’ll have to go to the recycling department to be reformatted. The new system that results will be different from the current me, so it also counts as being exterminated.”

Fudge. Ning Shu suddenly felt a lot of pressure. She carried the fates of two people on her back. Not only did she hold responsibility for her own fate, she also had to avoid causing the system to be reformatted.

In any case, she had to work hard! Work crazy hard!

Ning Shu lay down on the bed to sleep for a while before entering the next task. She needed some time to let her mood settle down after each world since if she entered a task world in a vexed state, it’d lower her efficiency.

After experiencing so many worlds and encountering all sorts of people, the different views of the world was wearing her out a little. Right after she got familiar with some people, she’d be forced to leave the world. There was no way to live calmly.

However, it strengthened her mentality. She felt like she had learned a lot during these tasks and became more convinced that some principles were worth upholding and cherishing.

When Ning Shu woke up again, she felt much more relaxed. It was important to get rid of negativity.

First, she opened the system marketplace to trade for fasting pills, clean water, and some medicine since they were all essential items. With these, even if her task took place in a harsh environment, she’d still be able to hold out.

“2333, let’s start the next task. One day I’ll enter a high-level plane and get to know a lot of task-takers. I’ll…” Take you along to act cool and show off!

Before Ning Shu could even finish her words, she felt her head go blank as she was transported away.


Ning Shu only opened her eyes once her soul fully adjusted to the body. The first thing she saw was a very dark cave. She looked around in disbelief but found that she wasn’t mistakened, it was a cave. There was even a fire pit. She was currently lying on dry grass that was laid out on the cave floor and there was even a thumb-sized, sinister black reptile slowly moving past in front of her.

She immediately sat up, goosebumps popping up over her entire body. She grabbed a stone and used it to smash the reptile. The reptile screeched as its green blood splattered out.

It was freakin’ disgusting.

Ning Shu covered her mouth, then found that her hand was really dirty. It carried a lot of strange smells and there was more fur on the back of it than there was on human hands.

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