QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0671

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Chapter 671: Saw It, Killed It

After getting back to the cave, Ning Shu took the herbs out from the basket and placed them near the entrance of the cave to dry them.

In the future, she had to make more trips to gather herbs and make sure to prepare some herbs that could treat the common cold. If it was possible, she should also hunt and salt meat in preparation for winter.

However, it was difficult for female beastmen to leave the tribe. Qian Jia was the only female that could leave the tribe at will, and there were always people to protect her.

The divine maiden was different from everyone after all. Even if this was the prehistoric world, there was still the concept of different statuses.

Well, first she had to increase her strength. She ate a spirit essence crystal about the size of her picky and a frighteningly huge amount of spirit energy immediately surged up inside her body. However, the weak strand of energy inside her dantian absorbed all of it.

After absorbing the spirit energy, the strand of energy became a little stronger. Ning Shu clenched her fist. It felt like her grip was stronger as well.

She felt more confident in surviving now since, at the very least, she’d be able to protect herself. She didn’t believe in beauty or charm, she only believed in strength. A person would only be able to protect themselves and keep themselves from falling in defeat with strength.

Perhaps it was because Qian Jia was unhappy about what happened at the meal last time, because Qian Jia continued to bring female beastmen out with her to gather stuff, but she never brought Ning Shu out again.

Ning Shu knew that Qian Jia was taking that incident to heart. Qian Jia was probably dissatisfied with her attitude. Originally she had been planning to head out to gather more herbs, but it seemed like she wouldn’t have the chance to.

Qian Jia didn’t bring Ning Shu out again, but she would bring Zhi. Every time Zhi went, she would bring back a lot of things for Ning Shu like wild grapes and other fruits.

All the female beastmen liked heading out with Qian Jia since they would reap a lot of harvest every time they went. This made them very excited about taking trips out of the tribe.

Zhi explained to Ning Shu, “Jia said that she brings different people out every time. She’s trying to make sure everyone gets a turn, so she’ll bring you next time.”

Ning Shu wasn’t very concerned. Although it was said to be based on turns, Zhi would be picked for every outing. Ning Shu had a feeling that Qian Jia was trying to ruin the relationship between her and Zhi.

However, there was no way she would start fighting with her close friend Zhi just because of Qian Jia. Every time Zhi headed out, Ning Shu would mash some herbs and rub it on her.

These herbs were capable of repelling bugs. Last time Zhi had almost been bitten by a snake, but the male beastmen hadn’t even noticed because they were too busy looking at Qian Jia. It seemed like she still had to rely on herself for stuff.

If anything happened, she’d have to deal with it herself.

Ning Shu curled her lips in disdain. Did Qian Jia think that she wouldn’t be able to get anything just because she didn’t get picked for the trips? She now had the power to protect herself.

Once Qian Jia and the others left, Ning Shu snuck out of the tribe. However, she stayed near the tribe as she searched for herbs and occasionally hunted a rabbit or two.

Ning Shu encountered a large deer and set about hunting it. After chasing it for a while, she caught up and killed it with a punch.

She clenched her fist. Being strong sure was refreshing.

She dragged the deer back to the tribe, but Qian Jia’s group still hadn’t returned yet, so she dragged the deer to her cave. She didn’t plan to hand this deer over to the tribe.

In this outing, Qian Jia had found wheat and mature wheat seeds, so she was very excited. The thought that she’d be able to eat steamed buns in the future made her feel like life was wonderful and filled with things to look forward to.

After she got back, she had Rui clear an area of land. Rui agreed without hesitation and had some of the male beastmen help with this task. Kai was the first to respond.

Qian Jia then made a lot of tasty food to reward them.

When Ning Shu heard about this, her entire face twitched. Could it be that there was no need to pay attention to the season when planting wheat? However, Qian Jia still succeeded. Perhaps this world didn’t care about the seasons.

There weren’t four seasons in the first place.

Zhi handed Ning Shu the herbs in her basket and said, “I saw you collecting this last time. I don’t know if these are right though.”

Ning Shu saw that there weren’t a lot of wild vegetables and fruits in Zhi’s basket this time. She had probably spent most of her time helping her look for herbs. Ning Shu was a little touched.

“The thing you rub on me every time is really effective. I used to get bug bites all over when I headed out before, but I haven’t been bitten since you started rubbing that on me,” said Zhi with a smile. Then she handed a fruit to Ning Shu. “Jia said that this is a tomato. Try it.”

“You can have it, I’m okay.” Ning Shu placed the herbs at the entrance of the cave to dry them.

She thought for a moment, then dragged the dead deer to Zhi. Zhi stared wide-eyed at the prey as she exclaimed, “Where did this come from?”

“When I snuck out to collect herbs, I encountered it, so I killed it. With this, once winter comes, we’ll still have food,” said Ning Shu.

Zhi’s face was filled with astonishment and fright. “How could you sneak out on your own? What will you do if you encounter danger without any males protecting you? And you even went to hunt?”

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