QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0658

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Chapter 658: Can’t Communicate with the Divine Stone

She tried inserting her consciousness into the fake myriad world stone like the way she did when she contracted spirit beasts.

Unexpectedly, it actually worked. She was able to see what was inside the myriad world stone like a movie.

She saw the things recorded in it.

The world was an endless spanning expanse that didn’t have anything. There was no water, no sky, no land, no trees, nothing. It was completely barren.

In the endless silence, a figure suddenly appeared. This figure was black from head to toe and was like a shadow. It was impossible to make out his features or figure out his gender as he towered over this ‘world.’

Ning Shu could sense strong indifference in his gaze like his gaze was sweeping over her. With a wave of his hand, the sky brightened and two suns appeared above.

Delicate green grass started rapidly emerging from the ground and quickly grew into enormous towering trees. It didn’t take long for all the lands to become forests.

Following that, a bird appeared from his hand. The bird spread its wings and flew down to land on a branch. Afterwards, a lot of animals appeared in the forest. There were all sorts of animals including dinosaurs.

The shadowy figure pointed at a lion and the lion transformed into a person. The person to fell prostrate in reverence front of the shadowy figure.

Soon, all sorts of beastmen appeared.

The shadowy figure then casually tossed a myriad world stone to the ground before vanishing.

The records after that were just a bunch of random things.

Ning Shu’s forehead was covered with cold sweat and she retrieved her consciousness with great difficulty. She was completely dumbfounded.

Frick, there really did exist a Divinity.

F*ck, there goes my view of the world again!

That person had been able to create life with just a wave of his hand. If that wasn’t a god, what could it be? So when the beastmen said that it was the Divinity that gave them the ability to transform, it was actually true.

Problem was, Ning Shu hadn’t been able to get a clear look at who that person was.

Ning Shu took a moment to calm herself down, then pressed her lips together grimly. From the looks of things, the myriad world stone on the altar had an owner. If she tried to snatch it, it was definitely asking to be killed.

The fact that such a powerful person existed in the world completely shattered Ning Shu’s original view of the world. As of now, she felt like she couldn’t even count as an ant.

Ning Shu told 2333 about what she saw in the fake myriad world stone. After a moment of silence, 2333 said, “It seems like this world belongs to someone strong who’s using this place to collect faith. Ning Shu, don’t do anything stupid like trying to pocket the myriad world stone, otherwise we’ll both die.”

“I was so scared I was about to pee my pants! There’s no way I’m approaching that myriad world stone again.” Ning Shu rolled her eyes.

Then she took a deep breath and tried to forget everything she just saw. Looking at things that were too far out of reach would only make her feel depressed. However, the good thing was that this experience made her clearer on her own position. She was nothing but an ant struggling to survive, so her full focus should be on working hard to keep living.

After calming her heart, she continued training. The most important goal right now was to complete the task. Everything else was fleeting, transient.

But that gaze had been so scary! *Cries*

The next day, Ning Shu headed over to tell Wu that she couldn’t communicate with the divine stone.

When Wu heard, she almost smacked Ning Shu over the head with the stone. “How could it possibly be that easy to communicate with the divine stone? It’s only been one day. You’re in too much of a rush.”

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