QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0619

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Chapter 619: No Different From the Typical Women in the Entertainment Circles

Ning Shu just wanted to know what Mai Douer thought about all of this, but as soon as she asked, Mai Douer started stammering and couldn’t get anything out.

“What exactly do you want?” asked Ning Shu. “Your current behavior will severely affect the company, so I need to know how you plan to settle this.”

Mai Douer bit her lips hard before finally looking towards Ning Shu resolutely. “I want to become Mo Juefeng’s wife and allow my child to have a father.”

Ning Shu nodded. As expected, Mai Douer had quite a lot of ambition. She actually wanted to become Mo Juefeng’s wife. But this time it probably wouldn’t be that easy.

After hearing from Mai Douer about how Mo Juefeng interacted with her, Ning Shu was pretty certain that Mo Juefeng wasn’t that interested in Mai Douer and was chasing her just for fun.

Mo Juefeng didn’t like women that were too vain, restless, and manipulative, and due to Ning Shu dragging Mai Douer around to auditions during this past period of time, Mai Douer had suffered a lot. She saw too many cruel dark realities and was no longer as naive as before.

The current Mai Douer couldn’t attract Mo Juefeng. Perhaps there had been a trace of attraction, but as time passed, more of Mai Douer’s clean aura disappeared. She was now no different from the typical women in the entertainment circles.

“Then are you going to look for Mo Juefeng now to tell him about this?” asked Ning Shu. “No matter what you should try. After all, Mo Juefeng has a responsibility towards this child.”

Mai Douer nodded, then she grabbed Ning Shu’s hand tightly as she beseeched, “Big Sis Chen, can you go with me? I’m scared. I’m really scared to face Mo Juefeng on my own.”

Mai Douer seemed to sense that she couldn’t take the outcome of this, so she wanted someone to go with her and her manager was the best choice.

Ning Shu nodded as she said, “I’ll go with you.”

Mai Douer looked relieved and she immediately called Mo Juefeng. As she spoke on the phone, she had to cover her mouth to stop herself from crying and they agreed to meet tonight at the villa.

After the call, Mai Douer immediately started crying. Ning Shu poured Mai Douer a cup of hot milk and said, “You should eat a little. We’ll head over at night, so for the time being, try to improve your state a little.”

“I got it. Big Sis Chen, say, will Mo Juefeng accept this?” asked Mai Douer worriedly.

Ning Shu: Shouldn’t you know him better than me?

After drinking the milk, Mai Douer went back to sleep. Her face was very pale and she looked very out of it. All the emotions whirling around in her heart made her feel very discouraged.

When Ning Shu saw Mai Douer like this, she said, “Actually, we’re not completely certain yet, so let’s go to the hospital to make sure. Maybe you’re not actually pregnant.”

“Really? Then let’s go to the hospital now!” When Mai Douer heard what Ning Shu said, it was like she had regained life again. She urged her manager to bring her to the hospital in hopes that perhaps she wasn’t actually pregnant.

Ning Shu drove Mai Douer to the hospital and they drew a bit of blood for the test. Mai Douer and Ning Shu sat on the chairs in the corridor to wait.

Mai Douer looked very anxious. She interlaced her fingers and squeezed so hard that her joints were turning white. As Ning Shu sat next to her, she could sense that Mai Douer’s entire body was trembling.

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