QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0869

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Chapter 869: Zhang Jiasen’s Home

Ning Shu glanced at what she was wearing. The cut of the clothes was form-fitting and the design was very pretty. It really wasn’t suitable for wearing while doing things, but all that the original host had were these types of clothing. After all, her family was in the clothing business.

Although the original host was simple, she still had very good taste.

After leaving the room, Ning Shu saw that Zhang Jiasen’s father was currently sitting on the steps and smoking a pipe. His trouser legs were rolled up and his feet were bare and covered with mud. It was clear that he had just come back from the field.

Miao Miaomiao’s father-in-law has never really spoken with the original host. Whenever he had something to say, he would say it to Zhang Jiasen so they’ve never really interacted.

Ning Shu walked into the main room. Breakfast was on the table and Ning Shu was a little hungry, so she sat down. When the younger sister Zhang Qingqing walked in, she said, “Dad hasn’t sat down yet, so how can you sit down first?”

Ning Shu didn’t know that there was this custom so she stood back up. Little Sis Zhang grabbed Ning Shu’s arm and said in a spoiled manner, “Big Sis Miao, you said that you were going to give me your pajamas.”

Ning Shu looked at Little Sis Zhang. The down-filled garment she was wearing was something the original host had bought. What Little Sis Zhang liked to do the most was to see what good things the original host had, then ask for them. She had gotten bags, clothing, cosmetics, and even crystal hair clips.

Miao Miaomiao was someone who didn’t have a sense of what was valuable. To her, money was just a number. Even if it was just a hair clip, the item was usually very expensive.

However, every time Little Sis Zhang asked for something, she would give it to her. Despite this, Little Sis Zhang had never called Miao Miaomiao sister-in-law and just called her Big Sis Miao.

What kind of address was that?

When Little Sis Zhang saw that Ning Shu wasn’t speaking, she shook Ning Shu’s arm. “Big Sis Miao, can you lend it to me for just a day?”

Ning Shu: …

Although she said just a day, it would be hers from the day onwards.

“Miaomiao, just lend it to Little Sis for a day. I’ll have her return it to you when the time comes.” Zhang Jiasen’s mother carried a plate of salted vegetables in and set it on the table.

Little Sis Zhang curled her lips unhappily without speaking.

Ning Shu said mildly, “Let’s talk after breakfast.”

Zhang Jiasen’s father walked in and sat at the head of the table.

The breakfast was very simple. It was just a couple steamed buckwheat buns, a plate of salted vegetables, and cornmeal gruel. The most interesting part of this was that every person could only eat one steamed bun. Of course, how could Zhang Jiasen’s father who was a laborer every be full on just one steamed bun? However, Zhang Jiasen’s mother was able to grasp the amount for everyone perfectly.

When Zhang Jiasen left, he had clearly given his mother quite a lot of money to have her improve the family’s meals, but the food was still very bad.

Ning Shu felt that Zhang Jiasen’s mother couldn’t bear to buy good things for her, this outsider, to eat, so she was waiting until she left to spend this money.

In this house, she was an outsider.

Little Sis Zhang had a twin older brother. When it came time to eat, he came out of his room while playing on his phone. He didn’t even bother to lift his head or give any greetings.

Speaking of which, this phone was also something that the original host had purchased.

Before coming to Zhang Jiasen’s home, the original host had prepared a lot of gifts. Zhang Jiasen had called his family beforehand to ask what they need, then the original host had prepared them one by one.

Ning Shu felt that the original host was dumb just from thinking about it.

She sat down, then Zhang Jiasen’s mother ladled a bowl of cornmeal gruel for Ning Shu. Ning Shu looked at the bowl. It didn’t seem to have been washed clean and there were black things stuck on it. The chopsticks didn’t look clean either.

When she saw that Zhang Jiasen’s mother would cough every couple bites and spit, she lost all appetite and ate only the steamed bun. The taste wasn’t that good either, it was like dough dumpling.

Ning Shu felt quite disgusted. Her identity was this family’s new daughter-in-law. Was there a need for them to treat her this way?

Were they trying to make an initial show of strength?

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