QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0648

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Chapter 648: Cao’s Wishes

Qian Jia also liked the beastmen because the male beastmen were very charming in a wild way. Their silhouettes had an European-style masculinity.

Following that, Qian Jia started a gorgeous harem life and began a prehistoric matrilineality. Due to Qian Jia’s special abilities, other tribes were constantly kidnapping her so that she could help their tribe develop, but she would always be rescued by the Winged Tigers Tribe.

Although they would get her back, it was always with additional men. She attracted all sorts of beastmen including bears, lions, foxes, snakes, and so on.

The original host’s future mate was also a member of Qian Jia’s harem.

Due to the fact that females were precious in the tribe, it was very difficult to get a wife and all beastmen were very loyal to their mates.

Cao knew that her future mate liked that different female, but she didn’t say anything. After all, when survival itself was a struggle, who would have time to worry about these little things? And prehistoric people weren’t very complicated in the first place.

However, an earthquake caused the world to completely change. The startled large animals of the prehistoric forest almost killed the entire tribe in their panicked stampede.

The tribe chief hastily led the tribe in migrating. The females didn’t have much strength and had to rely on the males to transform and take them.

A lot of male beastmen instinctively went to get the cereal grains and spices, and the rest went to protect Qian Jia, causing a lot of female beastmen to be left behind. By the time the male beastmen came back, the females had already been stomped to death by animals, or had been torn apart by carnivores.

A great number died.

Cao had also died at this time. She had been killed by a pack of wolves. As she died, she had been looking towards the sky, hoping for a tiger with wings to appear and save her.

Cao didn’t understand. She had been told since she was a child that they were precious and that they carried the heavy responsibility of creating the future of the tribe, so why had they been abandoned so easily?

After that, with the help of many tribes, Qian Jia established a city and started an era of empresses.

Cao’s wishes: 1. I don’t want to die. 2. I want to save the other abandoned female beastmen.

After receiving the storyline, Ning Shu had to wipe at her cold sweat. She was sweating all over due to taking the cold medicine, and this storyline was a little too crazy for her. It was another np. However, at least she wasn’t the one involved this time.

After looking at the original host’s wishes, all Ning Shu could say was that the people of the prehistoric societies were sure simple. They didn’t scheme at all and only thought of surviving and saving others. It didn’t occur to the original host to get revenge on the divine maiden that stole her mate away at all.

Grumble…” Ning Shu was a little hungry, but there didn’t seem to be anything in this cave.

She silently gave herself a pat on the back for having the foresight to exchange for fasting pills and shoved one in her mouth. It dissolved into a warm current that flowed into her stomach and instantly made her feel much better.

She wanted to lie down and rest for a while, but since the dry grass was wet, she picked it up to shake it out, only to end up shaking out a lot of bugs. Goosebumps popped up all over her body.

She smashed these bugs to death with a stone. The wet grass was seriously disgusting, so she carried the bunch out to sundry them a little.

After leaving the cave, she saw that there were a lot of caves nearby and a lot of females were sitting together in a circle, working on patching up clothing made from animal fur.

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