QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0689

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Chapter 689: War with the Black Snakes Tribe

The male beastmen in the tribe headed out every day. When they came back, they were always slightly injured. It was clear that the Black Snakes Tribe had refused to give the divine maiden back to them.

The two sides soon started fighting.

Even Kai, who had been injured by Ning Shu, ignored his own injuries to fight desperately with the beastmen of Black Snakes Tribe.

His drive was on par with Rui’s. Those who didn’t know the situation would’ve thought that Qian Jia was his mate.

Ning Shu didn’t ask or get involved in this incident at all. Perhaps while all these males were fighting like their lives depended on it, the person in question was currently tumbling happily.

Zhi was a little worried, but an atmosphere of trepidation was hovering around the entire tribe so it was hard for Zhi to not be influenced.

However, Ning Shu just felt disdain. This tribe was trying to run before they even learned how to crawl. They hadn’t gained enough knowledge to develop this far, so they were completely reliant on Qian Jia. Now that Qian Jia was gone, they were completely at a lost.

“Cao, say, will Jia be alright?” asked Zhi.

Ning Shu replied offhandedly, “She the divine maiden. She’ll be worshipped no matter where she goes, so what could happen to her?”

The entire tribe was in a mess. No one paid attention to her when she strutted out of the tribe with Zhi to hunt. When she dragged prey back, those who saw them still just ignored them.


Ning Shu took Zhi out to gather herbs as well. She would tell Zhi about the detailed usages of these herbs so that she could pick up some knowledge.

Zhi never imagined that these ordinary wild grasses could be use in such ways, so she listened very attentively. When she couldn’t remember things, she would ask Ning Shu to repeat it a couple more times.

Ning Shu was very patient with teaching her. This interaction made her recall the godly doctor who had the heart disease. How was he doing now? He probably wasn’t that lonely with the little boy keeping him company.

Due to the combination of the fact that too many males in the tribe had gotten injured and the fact that Wu was old in the first place, as the weather got colder, her coughing symptoms became even more severe. When she seriously couldn’t keep up with things anymore, she called Ning Shu over to help.

Ning Shu came to Wu’s cave with Zhi. She saw that there were a lot of injured beastmen in the cave that were either sitting or sleeping. Their bodies were covered with wounds and some of the beastmen’s faces were tinged black. It looked like they had been poisoned.

Could it be that they had been bitten by poisonous snakes?

Wu was coughing and she also looked slightly thinner. When she saw Ning Shu, she hastily said, “Go check up on them. I need to rest for a bit.”

Ning Shu looked over the beastmen. Some beastmen had patches of blood on their wings where their feathers had been yanked off and others were swollen all over with bruises.

Ning Shu had Zhi handle all the beastmen with external injuries. Zhi was very nervous, but Ning Shu said, “Just mash the herbs to staunch bleeding and apply them to the wounds.”

“Did you get bitten by something? Where’s the wound?” Ning Shu directed this question towards a beastman whose entire body was purple.

When the male beastmen saw that it was Ning Shu, he turned his head away and ignored her. It was clear that he didn’t trust Ning Shu.

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