QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0636

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Chapter 636: You’re Sure Saintly

Could it be that she should be absolutely unrestrained in completing her task? But once the original host came back and found that her job was still gone, wouldn’t that mean she had offered up her soul for nothing?

That was why Ning Shu had been very diligent about this job even though it required a lot of work.

She wasn’t concerned about Qiu Xin’s mocking.

“Oh right, did you say that the more miserable the female lead is, the higher our points?” asked Ning Shu.

“Of course. All entrustors are people that have been hurt before by the main lead, so naturally the more miserable the main lead becomes, the more points we’ll get,” said Qiu Xin with a sweet grin.

Ning Shu frowned as she asked, “But if we go too far and cause the main lead to have too much resentment, what if the main lead’s unwilling to accept things and offers up his or her soul to ask for a counterattack too?”

She had once seen the dim, lifeless, and badly scarred planes at the edge of the ordinance sea. If the resentment of the cannon fodders could injure the heavenly law, then the resentment of the main leads who possess so much luck probably caused the heavenly law even more harm.

If everyone offered up their souls to ask for a counter attack after suffering a little bit, wouldn’t the entire world fall to chaos?

“Doing this will hurt the plane too,” said Ning Shu.

“Ahahaha…” Qiu Xin laughed so hard that she had to cover her stomach. As she pointed at Ning Shu with one hand, she continued laughing so much that her eyes filled with tears. Ning Shu was completely baffled by this.

“What are you laughing at?” asked Ning Shu, her brows furrowed. Had she said anything funny? All she did was say what she understood to be true.

What the freak was she laughing for?

Qiu Xin wiped at her tears as she remarked, “You’re sure saintly.”

“I’m saintly?” Ning Shu pointed at her own nose in astonishment. “How am I saintly?”

“We’re just task-takers that are living from hand to mouth who could disappear entirely at any moment from unexpected incidents that occur in the course of a task, but you’re actually thinking about saving the plane, saving the world? If this isn’t saintly, what is? We’re task-takers, it’s fine if we just complete the tasks. There’s no point caring about other things.”

Qiu Xin sneered at Ning Shu again. “Task-takers like you won’t be able to get far at all.”

“Then bye-bye.” If it was said that Qiu Xin still had a bit of interest in Ning Shu earlier, as of now, she had lost all interest. Qiu Xin was thinking that she turned out to just be a pompous task-taker, there was no need to mind her at all.

As Ning Shu watched Qiu Xin leave, she asked 2333, “Isn’t what we do for the sake of melding planes?”

“It is. Ning Shu, you don’t need to mind. Your view of the world is a lot broader and higher than hers. Perhaps it’s because you’ve been to the ordinance sea before. Those planes are just like people. They’ve fallen ill and have no way to treat themselves and mend their laws, so they need treatment. It’s those who can’t see far that can’t go far,” said 2333 comfortingly.

Ning Shu shrugged. There was no way she’d mind other people’s way of thinking.

“If we go too far during our task, would it cause others to offer up their souls to ask for a counterattack? If someone asked for a counterattack, then what I’ve done for Chen Xi would be overthrown again.” This was the question Ning Shu was actually concerned about.

Since innocent cannon fodder could offer up their souls to ask for a counterattack, then the main leads should be able to as well.

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