QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0676

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Chapter 676: You Go Lick It

“Treat me well?” Ning Shu jabbed Kai’s chest hard. Kai gave a muffled groan, but he didn’t move aside.

Ning Shu said coldly, “Kai, stop trying to lecture me like you’re doing it for my sake. My pa lost his life while saving you, so I don’t have anyone else in my life. Now you’re trying to step on me in order to curry favor with Jia? This is treating me well? Do you think I’m an idiot?”

“She’s the divine maiden, she’s amazing, but what does that have to do with me? Could it be that I should kneel down and lick her toes? If you like her freakin’ feet, you go lick it.” Ning Shu retrieved her hand and wiped it off on her fur.

“Disgusting, to actually like someone else’s mate.” After Ning Shu said that, she brushed past Kai to leave.

Kai’s amber eyes were trembling slightly and his copper skin was pale as he stood there, frozen in shock. Then he ran after Ning Shu. “I don’t like Jia, I just respect her. She’s the divine maiden and she’s Rui’s mate. I’ve never thought about liking her. You shouldn’t say things like that.”

Even a prehistoric person acted this shy and bashful? Ning Shu was completely disgusted by Kai.

She rolled her eyes and moved to leave. No matter what plane she was in, men were always like this. It was seriously gross.

It was impossible to look at men that were under the effect of the Mary Sue halo. They were completely chunni.

It was like the female lead was everything to them. Just watching them made her feel like vomiting.

Ning Shu pointed at Kai. “Don’t talk to me again, otherwise I’ll announce to the entire tribe that you like Rui’s mate. You’re always drooling like a wolf at the sight of her. I’d like to see how you can stay in this tribe then.”

“You…” Kai’s brows furrowed and his facial color became very unsightly. His face was filled with indignance and embarrassed anger at having his secret thoughts exposed. “Cao, how did you end up like this?”

Ning Shu: Ha. Ha…

When she got back to the cave, she saw that Zhi was working on weaving a basket. When Zhi saw that Ning Shu wasn’t holding anything, she asked, “You didn’t get salt?”

“I got into an argument with Jia, but it doesn’t have anything to do with you so you shouldn’t worry about it and should just keep doing what you do.” Ning Shu lifted the basket to feel its weight, then said, “Zhi, make a bigger basket. I’m going to the salt mine to get salt tonight.”

Zhi’s facial color rapidly changed and she hastily asked, “Cao, you’re going to the salt mine? Do you know what that place is? Tribe Chief has said that the tribesmen aren’t allowed to get salt for themselves. If you’re caught, you’ll be kicked out of the tribe! And you’re going at night? That’s too dangerous!”

“Cao, what exactly is wrong?” Zhi looked towards Ning Shu worriedly.

Ning Shu picked up a wooden stick that was as thick as a child’s fist and started sharpening it with a rock. It’d have more attack power if it was sharp.

“Everything is for the sake of surviving. I’ve had a falling out with the divine maiden, so she won’t give me salt anymore. Having you get salt from her would take too long and we’d never get enough to preserve the food we need, so I’ll get some salt for us to boil ourselves. If I’m discovered, just say that you didn’t know anything and that I was the one that did everything.” Ning Shu continued sharpening the stick.

Once there was a sharp point, she mashed some herbs and rubbed them on her body.

Zhi saw that the sun was setting. Just the sight of the unknown darkness made her feel fearful. She really didn’t want Cao to take this risk and tried dissuading her again. “Cao, don’t go. It’s so dark outside. It’s really too dangerous at night. We already have so much meat, it’s enough for us to eat. If the tribe chief catches you, you’ll be punished.”

“This little bit of meat is nowhere close to enough. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Ning Shu rubbed the bugs-repelling herbs all over herself, then strapped the basket onto her back.

The shoulder strap made with an old vine was a little painful, but it was sturdy enough, so she headed out with the wooden stick.

Zhi watched as Ning Shu’s figure disappeared into the darkness like the darkness had devoured her. Zhi couldn’t fend off her feeling of unease and sat in the cave restlessly to wait for Ning Shu to come back.

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