QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0612

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Chapter 612: They Hooked Up?

These past experiences had turned Mai Douer pragmatic. She now desired strong backing that would allow her to advance in the entertainment world unhindered. Since Mo Juefeng was interested in her, in order to gain something, of course a price must be paid.

Mai Douer was willing to give up some things in exchange for success.

Mai Douer was now willing to give up the principles she had once been so resolute about upholding like they were simple goods in a trade.

As Ning Shu drove, she glanced over occasionally to take in Mai Douer’s changing expressions and smiled faintly. Back then, Mai Douer was pure and never cared about gains or losses. Even after having lost her first time to Mo Juefeng, she never asked for anything, which actually made Mo Juefeng cherish her to the point he wanted to make sure she never experienced any hardships.

And so Mai Douer was able to naturally implement the strategy of ‘winning by not contending.’

However, now Mai Douer was approaching Mo Juefeng on purpose with a motive in mind. Mai Douer had too many desires now, so even if romance developed between her and Mo Juefeng, it was no longer as pure as before.

Ning Shu smiled again. Environment and experiences were truly able to change a person’s personality. Mai Douer who had once been so beautifully pure, was now also taking the initiative to use people.

Ning Shu suddenly realized that she had become smarter. Although she had started out simply with the intent of making Mai Douer suffer, Mai Douer actually turned out like this.

She couldn’t help but wonder how the changed romance between Mai Douer and Mo Juefeng would turn out.

As she was driving, a car suddenly rushed out and blocked their way. Ning Shu hastily stepped on the brakes, causing the wheels to scream as they screeched to a stop.

Ning Shu and Mai Douer’s bodies were flung back violently by the inertia.

F*ck, did that person have a death wish? As Ning Shu was getting ready to get out and talk with the owner of that luxurious car, the person in that car got out and knocked on Mai Douer’s window as he said, “Get out.”

Mai Douer hadn’t expected it to be Mo Juefeng and she hastily rolled down the window. She forced herself to remain calm despite her excitement and asked, “How in the world do you drive? You almost caused a car crash you know?”

“Get out, or do you want me to drag you out?” said Mo Juefeng.

Mai Douer pouted angrily and refused to get off the car, so Mo Juefeng reached out and pinched her chin while opening the door with his other hand. “If you don’t get out now, I’ll drag you out.”

“Let go, I’ll get out, happy?” Mai Douer pushed away his hand and got off the car.

Ning Shu asked Mai Douer, “When are you coming back? I’ll wait for you.”

Mai Douer wanted to reply but before she could, Mo Juefeng shoved her into his car.

The male lead seriously so cool in a tyrannical way. Even the way he blocks a person’s way was seriously… infuriating.

F*ck, if her reflex had just been a beat slower, they would have crashed! It was seriously a move that didn’t treasure life at all. All that Ning Shu could say was that, as expected, only people who were chunni enough had the right to be the male lead.

She got back to the apartment and sat on the sofa to train as she waited for Mai Douer to come back.

However, Mai Douer didn’t return the entire night so she waited there an entire night.

Ning Shu: …

What could they do for an entire night? Did this mean that they now had a relationship?

Mai Douer was this impatient?

She was being too impatient. Didn’t she know the strategy of letting something go in order to capture it better? Things that were obtained too easily wouldn’t be treasured.

Ning Shu shook her head.

At this time, her phone rang. Mai Douer called to let her know that she was already at the filming location so she could head directly there.

Ning Shu slowly finished her breakfast before heading towards the filming location. When she got there, she saw that Mai Douer and Mo Juefeng were exchanging flirtatious glances.

Mai Douer seemed like a beautiful flower bud that had just been bloomed after being generously watered. She was enveloped by a feminine glow from fully becoming a woman for the first time.

As expected, they really had hooked up.

When Mai Douer saw Ning Shu, she headed over. Her walking posture was a little stiff and she seemed to be squeezing her legs together as she walked, so it made her look really inexperienced.

When Mo Juefeng saw Mai Douer like this, his gaze darkened and he rubbed his lips in indolent satisfaction like a lion that has eaten his fill. However, at the same time, his gaze was still fixated on his prey.

“You guys have gotten to that point already?” asked Ning Shu.

Mai Douer blushed as she nodded. “I didn’t want him to be disappointed, so when he kissed me, I went with the flow.”

Mai Douer endured the pain of losing her virginity and did her best to make Mo Juefeng pleased since she would only be able to obtain more if Mo Juefeng was happy with her.

Tsk tsk tsk. Ning Shu shook her head. Right now Mai Douer just wanted to get things from Mo Juefeng, so their relationship wasn’t that of equals from the outset.

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