QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0622

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Chapter 622: Environment Truly Changed People

“Was this the time you were supposed to meet up with Mo Juefeng? Why is he still not here?” asked Ning Shu as she checked her watch.

Mai Douer sat on the sofa with her back straight. Her hands were clenched into fists on her knees, so her nervousness was very apparent. When she heard Ning Shu’s question, she said, “This is the time. Maybe he’s a little late.”

Mai Douer couldn’t stop herself from asking, “Big Sis Chen, how should I tell Mo Juefeng about the fact that I’m pregnant?”

“However you need to. Just give it to him straight,” replied Ning Shu offhandedly.

She glanced at the wall at the ticking clock. The hands of the clock seemed to be made from gold.

Another half an hour passed. Ning Shu’s eyes were starting to hurt from staring at the clock hands. She glanced over and found that Mai Douer was still sitting up rigidly on the sofa. Her posture hadn’t changed in the slightest. Did she not feel tired?

She looked so tense it was like she was about to go to war. In reality, Mai Douer was afraid of Mo Juefeng so she was always very worried about how he felt.

This made her act very inferior in front of Mo Juefeng.

Ning Shu shook her head. Environment truly changed people a lot. People couldn’t avoid being influenced by their environment, and being oppressed in an environment affected people the most.

She took a deep breath. That was why it was important to maintain your own principles no matter what environment you were in. No matter how vile the environments of future tasks turn out to be, she had to persevere, otherwise she’d lose sight of herself.

“We’ve been waiting for almost two hours. You should give Mo Juefeng a call,” said Ning Shu. Otherwise, how much longer would they have to wait?

Ning Shu was pretty sure that Mo Juefeng had forgotten about meeting Mai Douer here. This showed that Mai Douer didn’t really hold a place in Mo Juefeng’s heart.

“Waiting here foolishly like this isn’t a solution. Give him a call. We can’t delay addressing your situation. We need to make things clear,” said Ning Shu.

Mai Douer finally seemed to snap out of her tense daze and hastily took out her phone from her purse to call Mo Juefeng.

When the call connected, Mai Douer didn’t demand to know why Mo Juefeng didn’t show up and just asked for him to hurry and come since she had something important to say.

As Ning Shu took in Mai Douer’s pitifully lowly manner, she shook her head. Love was equal. It was built on the basis of an equal relationship, but now Mai Douer just seemed like Mo Juefeng’s accessory.

“What did he say?” asked Ning Shu when she saw Mai Douer hang up the call.

Mai Douer said in relief, “He said that he’ll be here soon.”

Ning Shu nodded, then yawned. It was almost midnight now. If Mai Douer hadn’t called Mo Juefeng, he probably wouldn’t have come today.

Another half an hour passed and the sound of a car finally came from outside. Mai Douer immediately jumped off the sofa and ran towards the door.

Following that, the door opened. Ning Shu saw that Mai Douer was at the entrance laying out slippers for Mo Juefeng. As Mo Juefeng walked in, he stepped into the slippers naturally without a pause, but when he saw that there was someone in the drawing room, a trace of displeasure appeared in his eyes.

Mai Douer had been with Mo Juefeng for a while so she was able to differentiate some of his moods.

It was clear that Mo Juefeng was currently angry, so Mai Douer immediately explained, “This is my manager. Since I have something to talk to you about today, I called her over as well.”

Mo Juefeng played with his car keys as he sat down and propped one leg up on the coffee table. It was clearly a very vulgar way of sitting, but when Mo Juefeng did it, it made him look very confident, sexy, and cool.

Ning Shu had to admit that Mo Juefeng was seriously handsome. His charm was apparent just from how Mai Douer looked towards him with such a fawning expression of adoration.

“So why did you call me? I still have other things to do,” said Mo Juefeng to Mai Douer. He didn’t even bother to glance at Ning Shu.

Mo Juefeng saw that Mai Douer’s facial color was very pale but her lips were abnormally red. It made a horrifying contrast against her pale skin. It was like her lips were painted with fresh blood.

Mo Juefeng frowned slightly, then shifted his gaze away. He lowered his head and continued playing with his keys, refusing to look at Mai Douer.

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