QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0642

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Chapter 642: Power of Rage and Hatred

Some celebrities had started to walk across the red carpet one after another. The more important they were, the later they went. Qiao Yi was still relatively new to the entertainment circles, so she went at the front.

As Ning Shu looked on worriedly, Qiao Yi successfully made the walk without any problems.

“Chen Xi.” A beautiful soft voice arose. Ning Shu turned around and saw that Qiu Xin was dressed in a white evening gown and holding onto Mo Juefeng’s arm as she walked over.

Ning Shu had been standing in the crowd, so she hadn’t expected for Qiu Xin to spot her. She smiled towards Qiu Xin but didn’t say anything.

“You know her?” Mo Juefeng glanced at Ning Shu, then frowned and started pulling Qiu Xin away. “You shouldn’t interact when these kinds of people.”

“I got it. I’ll do as you say.” Qiu Xin lifted her head to smile towards Mo Juefeng. The dimples that appeared on her face were like blooming lilies.

“Good girl.” Mo Juefeng’s gaze was filled with doting affection as he reached out to stroke Qiu Xin’s head.

This scene was extremely beautiful. A lot of reports were frantically taking photos, causing the place to light up with flashes and the snapping of the camera lens. They were like the embodiment of a match made in heaven.

Inside the crowd, Mai Douer clenched her fists, then tugged on her mask and her hat before moving towards the two.

A lot of people were shouting Qiu Xin’s name. They were clearly Qiu Xin’s fans, so Qiu Xin mischievously turned towards Mo Juefeng and said that she wanted to shake hands with her fans.

Mo Juefeng agreed and walked with her over to the police cordon so that she could shake hands with her fans. Of course, he only allowed her to shake hands with female fans. There was no way he’d let male fans touch her.

Qiu Xin shook hands with her fans with a smile. Suddenly, a person holding a bottle threw liquid at Mo Juefeng’s face. Things had happened too rapidly for Mo Juefeng to react. He only snapped out of his shock due to the burning agonizing sensation coming from his face.

The liquid had even gotten into his eyes and it burned so much he felt like he was going blind.

“Argh…” Mo Juefeng covered his eyes as he roared in pain. Qiu Xin was stunned. Some of the liquid had splashed onto her hand and she immediately screamed, “It’s sulfuric acid!”

The moment the people around heard that, they started panicking.

Ning Shu stared dumbfounded at Mo Juefeng whose face was smoking. Who did this? Such guts! However, she had a faint guess in her heart.

She just hadn’t expected for her to be able to harden her heart enough to do this.

Ning Shu was being crushed by the panicking crowd, but she pushed her way forward to try and see where Mai Douer was. Suddenly, she saw someone wearing a hat and a mask take out a fruit knife and stab towards Qiu Xin’s heart.

The knife instantly pierced through Qiu Xin’s heart. Qiu Xin’s face was filled with shock and confusion.

Ning Shu recognized Mai Douer with one look. They had been working together for a while, so she knew Mai Douer’s figure well.

However, she was shocked by Mai Douer’s strength. The heart was located in the thoracic cavity and protected by the ribs. Based on Mai Douer’s strength, normally there was no way that she’d be able to successfully stab Qiu Xin so quickly.

Perhaps this was the power of rage and hatred.

After committing the crime, Mai Douer turned to run, but she was immediately captured. Medical personnel soon arrived to treat Mo Juefeng and Qiu Xin.

Qiu Xin had fallen to the ground, but she was looked at Ning Shu whose face was filled with shock. As blood spilled out from her mouth, she struggled to shout towards Ning Shu, “Save me, save me. Please, save me…”

Qiu Xin was treating Ning Shu as her last hope, because they were the same type of people. They were both task-takers.

However, Ning Shu didn’t know how to save Qiu Xin. The shock of seeing a task-taker die right in front of her left her stunned for a long time.

The task-taker that had been showing off her senior status in front of her just a while ago had died.

As Qiu Xin vomited blood, all sorts of expressions flashed across her face. Fear caused her beautiful face to become completely contorted before her gaze suddenly fell empty as the last of her life slipped away.

Ning Shu felt like her limbs were numb and her entire mind was blank. She didn’t dare to imagine what had happened to Qiu Xin.

The chaotic situation was finally put under control. A large hole had already been created by the sulfuric acid and the huge amount of blood flowing over the red carpet caused it to turn black.

“Big Sis Chen, are you alright?” Qiu Xin ran to Ning Shu. “I heard from inside that something had happened so I rushed over as quickly as I could.”

Ning Shu’s face was pale as she shook her head.

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