QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0832

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Chapter 832: I’ll Definitely Pay for the Vase

Ning Shu drove to the company for work, but the moment she walked in, someone crashed into her chest. She hastily pushed the person away.

It was An Nuan again, dressed in the sanitation uniform.

An Nuan was originally mopping the floor so she hadn’t been paying attention to who was around and ended up bumping into someone. However, that person had no matters at all and almost pushed her right to the ground.

“What the heck is wrong with… you?” An Nuan immediately started complaining, but when she turned around and saw that it was Ning Shu, her voice faded and she lowered her head.

Ning Shu said mildly, “Pay more attention while cleaning. Can you handle the responsibility if you end up bumping into a client?”

An Nuan curled her lips unhappily as she said, “It’s not like I did it on purpose. What are you being so fierce for?”

“Have I been fierce? All I’m doing is stating reality,” said Ning Shu, a bit helplessly.

An Nuan nodded. Ning Shu directly turned to leave, so An Nuan ran to catch up with her. “CEO, you won’t fire me, right?”

Ning Shu said, “Since you want to stay in the company, just stay in the company. Remember that you have to pay for the vase.”

“I got it, thank you. I’ll definitely pay for the vase!” An Nuan smiled in relief.

When Ning Shu saw An Nuan like this, she really wanted to just cover her forehead in exasperation.

When she walked into the office, she found that Song Ning was currently sorting through the documents, dressed in OL attire. Everything in the office was neat and organized.

Ning Shu thought that Song Ning would leave the company and was very surprised to find that she had just come early to the company.

“Morning.” Ning Shu greeted Song Ning.

Song Ning’s expression was stern and cold as she said, “CEO, good morning.” Then she walked right past Ning Shu like they were strangers and left.

Yesterday she had still been so passionate, but now she was cold as frost. It was seriously hard to get used to. Her mood sure fluctuated a lot.

She was probably still angry because of what happened yesterday, but Ning Shu didn’t feel like she had done anything wrong.

Song Ning being angry had nothing to do with her.

Following that, Song Ning demonstrated the attitude of a successful career woman. She handled everything perfectly. Ning Shu didn’t even have to say anything and Song Ning could still predict what she was thinking. She was practically god-like in her capabilities.

However, her attitude was very cold like she was only facing a superior. Ning Shu shrugged, completely unconcerned.

It was better when Song Ning was this cold. Ning Shu found it way easier to deal with compared to when Song Ning was trying to seduce her all the time.

With Song Ning around, Ning Shu’s work became much easier. Song Ning was able to separate the mountain of documents into those that needed immediate attention and those that could wait, so Ning Shu’s work became much more relaxed.

When Song Ning saw how indifferent Ning Shu looked, she bit her lips hard. Her gaze was filled with cold indignance.

Ning Shu paid no attention to the frosty Song Ning and continued to mull over this task.

As she looked at An Nuan who was wiping the side table and mopping the floor, she felt that there was a need to figure out a way to break the link between the original host and An Nuan.

Ning Shu never imagined that she would one day have to do something like this. Break a cp!?

An Nuan, who was currently wiping the glass, kept feeling like there was a scorching hot gaze on her. When she looked over, she saw that the CEO was looking at her with an unreadable gaze. It caused An Nuan’s heart to start pounding. What exactly was with this person? Why did he keep staring at her?

It couldn’t be that he still wanted to fire her, right?

Meanwhile, when Song Ning saw that Ning Shu was staring straight at An Nuan, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes. What the hell? Why!? Why did Gong Luo like An Nuan so much?

Song Ning’s shoulders drooped slightly. It was seriously annoying.

After work, Ning Shu returned to the villa, but she didn’t see Song Ning. She didn’t see any food either, so she asked Aunt Li, “Where’s Miss Song?”

Aunt Li said, “Miss Song has gone back. She’s already taken all of her luggage.”

Ning Shu lifted her brows. What was going on now?

Well, if she left, she left, Ning Shu didn’t really care. It was already enough of a headache with An Nuan around, so it was pretty good that Song Ning left.

Following that, when she went to work the next day, she didn’t see Song Ning either. She looked all around but didn’t see her.

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