QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0608

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Chapter 608: Her Manager Truly Did Treat Her Well

When Ning Shu saw Mai Douer standing in the doorway and staring at them, she said with a bright smile, “Mai Douer, over 100 thousand copies of Qiao Yi’s album has sold this month, so the company’s hosting a celebration party for Qiao Yi. Let’s go together tonight.”

Mai Douer felt even more jealous. It was like poisonous thorned vines were tightly wrapping around her heart and piercing through her flesh. It was painful and caused all her negativity to flood her heart.

“I’m a little tired today, so I don’t want to go.” Mai Douer forced a smile as she turned towards Qiao Yi. “Qiao Yi, congratulations! Who would’ve thought you’d be this amazing? It’s no wonder Big Sis Chen supports you so much.”

Although Mai Douer was smiling, her expression was a little contorted and it made people uncomfortable. Qiao Yi replied mildly, “Big Sis Chen treats everyone the same.”

How could it possibly be the same? One has won success and recognition, yet she who had gone through so much only obtained insults and the reputation of being a vixen.

Qiao Yi got to be completely clean without any scandals or dirty waters thrown on her. People even called her a ‘music genius.’

Something suddenly flashed through her heart and cleared a lot of things up. Mai Douer suddenly understood a lot of what made her perplexed before.

The one person her manager truly supported was Qiao Yi, so she protected Qiao Yi at every point in silent support to allow Qiao Yi’s career to steadily advance.

As for her, she was thrown into the filming scene and left to face all those obstacles on her own. She was tormented to the point she nearly lost sight of everything in the suffering. She finally managed to gain some fame, but this fame was filthy and one that only incurred insults.

“You’re not feeling well? What’s wrong?” asked Ning Shu in concern.

When Mai Douer saw the concern on her manager’s face, her heart turned colder. Why did she treat her this way? Why was she so biased towards the talents she managed?

When Ning Shu saw that Mai Douer was looking at her with suspicion and resentment, she asked, “Why are you looking at me this way?”

Mai Douer bit her lips hard, then turned and entered her bedroom. Ning Shu followed her and closed the door after she entered.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked Ning Shu. Ning Shu couldn’t help but sigh seeing Mai Douer so dark and gloomy. The pure beauty she once had was no longer visible.

The entertainment circle was truly a cruel whetstone. All of Mai Douer’s edges had been worn away and she no longer had any right to be willful.

Mai Douer turned towards Ning Shu and stared fixedly at her as she asked, “Big Sis Chen, Qiao Yi and I are both talents that you manage, so why are you so partial towards Qiao Yi?”

Ning Shu: …

Why do I have to treat you well?

Why should I treat you well?

Ning Shu was taken aback by this baseless accusation, but she replied calmly, “I believe that I’m already being fair to everyone. All you see is the fact that Qiao Yi has now achieved success, but while you were taking on minor roles, Qiao Yi was practicing to the point her voice went hoarse before stopping. She would practice piano until her fingers were swollen. I’m partial towards Qiao Yi? Can it be that I sung in her place? She won all of this through her own efforts.”

“The company is interested in profit. Qiao Yi can bring the company more profit, so of course the company is willing to spent more resources on Qiao Yi,” continued Ning Shu. “Mai Douer, do I not treat you well enough?”

Mai Douer couldn’t say anything in response because she found that she had no way of refuting her manager’s words. Her manager truly did treat her well.

But, but… Mai Douer couldn’t help but feel that this wasn’t the case. Something was off, something was really off.

Ning Shu smiled softly. “If you achieve a success, the company will also offer you more resources in order to make your image even better.”

Mai Douer felt very vexed, extremely vexed. She hadn’t been like this in her dreams!

As of now, she was even starting to fear the light of day. Every day caused her such exhaustion and fear. She was scared to face these days without a motive, without success. The fact that she had nothing she could work towards made her feel very uneasy.

Mai Douer looked up and saw that her manager’s expression was a little cold, so she gave an ingratiating smile as she said, “Of course I know that Big Sis Chen treats me really well. I was just a little moody since I haven’t been able to get any filming work lately, so I said some thoughtless things.”

Ning Shu smiled comfortingly, “It’s fine.”

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