QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0688

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Chapter 688: The Milk Mom was in Trouble!

“What are you doing? Aren’t you guys heading to the trade fair? Why are you all still here? What are you doing?” The tribe chief had come over. “Whatever it is, wait until the trade fair is over to discuss it.”

Rui nodded in compliance.

The male beastmen transformed into tigers and the female beastmen got on their backs. In a few moments, they were gone from sight.

Ning Shu was thinking that Zhi should probably be fine since she had given her poison for protection.

The tribe chief glanced over at Kai who was injured, then looked at Ning Shu to ask, “Have you really communicated with the Divinity?”

“Of course,” replied Ning Shu mildly.

The tribe chief laughed. “How did you communicate with the Divinity for him to actually grant you such power?”

Ning Shu heard the doubt in the tribe chief’s voice. The tribe chief was leaning towards the side of his daughter-in-law, but it was understandable. Qian Jia was his son’s mate and had made so many contributions to the tribe.

Meanwhile, she was just an ordinary female beastman that hadn’t contributed anything to the tribe. Even if she possessed the power that the Divinity granted, she couldn’t compare to the benefits that Qian Jia brought.

So it was normal for him to be biased.

“I saw the Divinity come to this barren world. Then a sun appeared in this world, followed by forests. The first beastmen was a lion. It was the Divinity that gave beastmen the ability to transform.”

The tribe chief laughed. “Everyone knows about this.”

Ning Shu’s expression darkened. The saying that whoever gave you milk was the mother was seriously true. It was clear that the tribe chief was also aware of how she and Qian Jia didn’t get along. Now that she was the next Wu, her status was high. Meanwhile, Qian Jia’s status was equally high since she was capable of bringing the tribe a lot of benefits. If the two of them started fighting, it’d be detrimental to the tribe’s development, so for the sake of guaranteeing that the tribe would be able to continue developing steadily, he’s decided to forsake her.

Wu frowned. She wanted to speak up, but in the end she remained silent.

Ning Shu copied the tribe chief’s laugh as she said, “Although the Divinity has granted me power, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m the next Wu since the past Wus never had such power.”

Ning Shu didn’t value the title of Wu much. In the face of calamity, all crap were just fleeting clouds since survival was an open question in itself.

“That’s true.” The tribe chief smiled in satisfaction and said to Wu, “Have the other female beastmen try communicating with the divine stone as well.”

After the tribe chief said this, he turned and left. In one sentence he had taken away Ning Shu’s right to become the next Wu.

“I believe you when you say you communicated with the divine stone, but the tribe is now different from before.” Wu had a coughing fit, then sighed, her expression haggard.

Humans were greedy by nature. The more they obtained, the more they wanted, and Qian Jia was an endless treasure-trove.

Having gotten used to a relaxed lifestyle, they didn’t want to go back to that tiring hunting lifestyle. At the very least, the current Winged Tigers Tribe couldn’t go back to it.

Ning Shu returned to her cave to flip over the curing meat, then she sat down on the dry grass to work on training.

She was running low on time. The weather had become distinctly colder and there were already seven moons in the sky.

Winter would be coming soon, along with that huge earthquake.

To Ning Shu’s surprise, the beastmen that had gone to the trade fair had come back in just three days. The group that returned seemed anxious and sad.

The leader, Rui, was beside himself with anxiety. The moment he got back, he went to look for his pa.

When Ning Shu saw that Zhi had returned safely, she loosened a breath in relief and asked, “Why are you guys back already?”

The trade fair was held for ten days, but the people of Winged Tigers Tribe had come back after only three. Something had probably happened since Qian Jia wasn’t with the group that returned.

Zhi pulled Ning Shu back to the cave before saying, “Jia’s been kidnapped by the beastmen of Black Snakes Tribe. Rui came back to get people to save her.”

“Oh…” Ning Shu wasn’t surprised.

Zhi remarked, “Zhi might really be in danger this time.”

“What danger could she be in?” Ning Shu lifted her brows. This was changing maps and getting to know new pretty boys, so what danger could Qian Jia face?

Zhi said, “How could it not be dangerous? I heard from other people that the male beastmen of the Black Snakes Tribe are the strongest, but they have the least females so they’d often kidnap females from other tribes. Females that are captured by the Black Snakes Tribe never live long because the male beastmen are too strong and like doing dat too much. The females can’t handle it.”

“Oh…” remarked Ning Shu indifferently. That was nothing to Qian Jia.

Snakes were associated with lust after all, and she had even heard that snakes had two weenies. With such strong ability, they were definitely the top choice for the harem.

When Winged Tigers Tribe heard that their divine maiden had been kidnapped by the Black Snakes Tribe, they were outraged. The divine maiden seriously brought a lot of benefits. Without the divine maiden, they’d have to go back to their old way of life.

There were still a lot of things that the divine maiden was the only one skilled enough to do.

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