QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0624

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Chapter 624: It’s the Woman’s job to Take Precautionary Measures

What should she say?

“You’re the father of the child inside Mai Douer’s belly. You don’t want it? It’s your child though!?” said Ning Shu. She had thought that Mo Juefeng would give Mai Douer a sum of money and tell her to do whatever she wanted, but unexpectedly Mo Juefeng told Mai Douer to get rid of the child straight out.

“Not every woman has the right to give birth to a child for me,” said Mo Juefeng coldly. He then turned towards Mai Douer who looked to be in despair. “How did you end up pregnant? Could it be that you didn’t take any contraceptives after? Don’t you know it’s the woman’s job to take precautionary measures?”

The fear caused by the pregnancy, her uncertainty towards the future, and Mo Juefeng’s heartless questions made Mai Douer feel so cold that her teeth chattered. She opened her mouth hesitantly. “I-I…”

“Or is it that you want to become my wife by using the child? Mai Douer, there’s no way I’ll marry you.” Mo Juefeng’s expression was very indifferent and his words were also merciless.

Mai Douer shook her head in a fluster. “I didn’t. I really didn’t!”

Ning Shu: …

The two that were supposed to be deeply in love had turned out like this, and Mo Juefeng’s matter-of-fact tone disgusted Ning Shu. What did he mean by it’s the woman’s job to take precautionary measures? He talked like it was the woman’s fault for getting pregnant.

Mo Juefeng was the type that would treat people very carefully if he loved them, but could be ruthlessly cruel towards anyone he didn’t care about.

He was seriously extreme. What scum.

“Chairman Mo, no matter what, this child is yours,” said Ning Shu.

Mo Juefeng glanced towards Ning Shu coldly. “This child’s mine? Perhaps, but it might also not be.”

Ning Shu: The fuck…

“Mo Juefeng, this child really is yours. Could it be that you think I’m that kind of person? You’re my only man. Mo Juefeng, I’m begging you, please don’t hurt our child! I’m begging you!” Mai Douer covered her stomach as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Mo Juefeng crouched down and reached out to pinch Mai Douer’s chin. He looked at straight at her as he said, “So you’re saying that you want to give birth to the child? I won’t marry you, and there’s no way I’ll let an illegitimate child exist.”

Mo Juefeng’s heartless expression was reflected in Mai Douer’s large eyes. Her entire body was trembling. “Why? Why are you so cruel to me?”

“Why? Because I don’t like you. In the past I thought you were a little interesting, but I found that you’re actually no different from the other women in the entertainment circles.” Mo Juefeng let go of Mai Douer’s chin and dusted off his hands before saying, “If you want to talk about conditions, let’s talk about conditions. The sound of your crying is annoying.”

Mo Juefeng then looked towards Ning Shu. “Since you’re here, you must have a motive. Just state it, what do you want?”

“Mo Juefeng, I don’t want anything! Just please don’t hurt our child!” Mai Douer shook her head like her life depended on it.

Mo Juefeng rubbed his forehead in exasperation. “Stop. That’s enough, stop wasting my time and just state it. What kind of role do you want this time? I’ll give it to you.”

Mai Douer looked as she was hit by lightning. She felt like Mo Juefeng was trampling on her dignity and ruthlessly grinding it to dust.

Ning Shu: …

Why did it feel like the storyline went through a huge change? Wasn’t Mo Juefeng supposed to love and dote on Mai Douer a lot? Why did things seem so far from that?

He was being so cold it looked like he was just facing a supporting female lead. Could it be that he didn’t like Mai Douer anymore because she was no longer as pure and as flawless as she had been in the original storyline?

Could it be that Mo Juefeng just liked women that were beautiful and pure and who exactly the woman was didn’t matter?

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