QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0601

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Chapter 601: All She Wanted Was to Act

Mai Douer started filming. She went in with her best state, but her acting was still very stiff and it always took several tries before she could get a pass.

Ning Shu saw that the director was suppressing his irritation and that all the people who had to work with Mai Douer disliked her a lot. They said really unpleasant things behind her back and almost everyone looked down on her acting skills.

Whenever Mai Douer heard, she would go cry to Ning Shu. She thought that if she didn’t need to act minor roles anymore and got more chances to be filmed, her state would improve, but now everyone was blaming her for delaying the filming.

In addition, the entire crew looked at her weirdly and made her feel very uncomfortable. Worst of all, the actors that performed with her were always slyly taking advantage of her. Sometimes their elbows would touch her chest, but they always acted like nothing was happening.

Mai Douer wanted to cry, but she didn’t know what to say. An certain actor was always in bodily contact with her and he was always touching her with one hand. When filming, not only did she have to concentrate to stop herself from getting an NG, she had to endure the men taking advantage of her.

Mai Douer seriously couldn’t take it anymore and spoke to Ning Shu about it. Ning Shu verbally consoled her, but then said, “You should endure it. The male actors working with you are your seniors.”

“Endure it? Even though he’s doing things like that to me!?” Mai Douer’s eyes widened. “Even though he’s being that disgusting?”

“Then go expose him. You’re still filming right now, what do you gain from having a falling out with him? This is just how harsh this circle is. Those who haven’t achieved success has no power and are just ants. I can guarantee that if you expose him, you’ll no longer be part of this crew,” said Ning Shu mildly. Her words were calm and cruel.

“He can seal your fate with a single sentence.”

Mai Douer felt like her heart was in complete confusion. She really hated this feeling. It felt like everything was shoving down her original view of the world in order to mold her into someone whose views suited the entertainment world.

She was really against it. Could it be that she had no choice but to follow the crowd? All she wanted was to act. Why were all these things mixed in?

“The director’s calling you. It’s time for your act.” Ning Shu gave Mai Douer, who was dazed and pale, a small push.

Mai Douer walked over in a daze, but she was in a very bad state and wasn’t able to complete the act even after several tries. The director angrily took off his hat and threw it on the ground before pointing at Mai Douer’s nose and shouting, “What the hell is wrong with you? I’m having you act out a person, not a blockhead! You’re trying to seduce someone! Can’t you act more charming!?”

“Sorry, it’s my bad. Sorry, director.” Mai Douer apologized numbly.

“Seriously! We’re done filming today!” The director was very irritated and he pointed at Mai Douer as he said, “You, stay behind. I’m going to talk to you about the drama.”

Talk about the drama? Mai Douer felt that this was a little strange and when she looked around, she saw that everyone was looking at her meaningfully.

Ning Shu walked over to the director and said, “Director, Mai Douer is really in a bad state today. She’s not feeling well so her facial color is really poor.”

When the director saw how spaced out Mai Douer was, he waved in annoyance. “Then forget it for today. If things keep dragging on like this, when will the filming ever finish?”

Mai Douer’s face turned even paler. It was already night, so the night breeze made Mai Douer feel very cold. She had never felt so cold before.

She was really tired.

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