QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0669

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Chapter 669: Salted Feast

Rui sounded helpless and proud as he said to Qian Jia, “Won’t it be too tiring? I don’t want you to work too hard.”

Qian Jia said with a smile, “There’s so many people here. With so many people helping, there’s no way I’ll be worn out.”

This was the first time the tribe had ever been so festive since its establishment. All the children and adults were gathered together with smiles on their faces as they greedily inhaled the aroma coming from the stone pot.

Little tigers were playing noisily while the little female beastmen were watching the adults move around busily from the side. Their eyes were filled with curiosity.

Ning Shu didn’t know how to cook, so she helped with washing the vegetables and setting out the utensils. As everyone worked, they chatted happily.

In this joyous and harmonious atmosphere, Ning Shu was sitting to the side by herself and rubbing twigs against a rock to make chopsticks with an indifferent expression. She was very out of place in this atmosphere.

“Cao, how many chopsticks have you made?” asked Zhi as she walked over.

“They’re all here.” Ning Shu handed her a bunch of chopsticks.

When Zhi saw that Ning Shu was expressionless, she asked, “Cao, are you still angry?”

Zhi looked at Ning Shu as she said, “I feel like you don’t like Jia.”

“Really?” Ning Shu lifted her brows. It wasn’t to the point of dislike, but she didn’t have a good impression of Qian Jia either.

A completely ordinary girl suddenly had such smooth sailing in another world and became a unique and incomparably shining existence. She was even given the title of divine maiden and believed to be sent by the Divinity. When Ning Shu saw this, she just felt like laughing.

Zhi took the chopsticks as she sat down next to Ning Shu. “The tribe members all like Qian Jia. I know that you’re angry because of what’s happened with Kai, but Jia is Rui’s mate.”

It seemed like not everyone was blind. At the very least, Zhi noticed the problem.

It should be said that over half the male beastmen in Winged Tigers Tribe liked Jia. If the older male beastmen were excluded, it could be said that all of the young males liked Qian Jia.

Her halo was so strong that Ning Shu didn’t even dare to look straight at her.

“It’s fine. I’m not angry.” Ning Shu shook her head. She was here to do the task, not to take part in some love tetragon.

It was just that after experiencing multiple worlds, sometimes she couldn’t stand Qian Jia’s affected manner. Maybe it was because she knew about Qian Jia’s background that she found Qian Jia’s tendency to act superior so off-putting.

Why did she become so amazing just after a transmigration? It didn’t make sense.

The meal took all the way until late afternoon to prepare. There were several stone tables that had stone bowls set on them. Inside the bowls were food that the beastmen had never seen before.

Ning Shu glanced at the food. Most of them were common household dishes. Qian Jia had probably put in a lot of effort to cook them. After all, it was difficult to make food like this in such harsh conditions.

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