QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0668

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Chapter 668: It’s Not Poisonous?

The discovery of the salt mine was a huge event to the entire tribe. Qian Jia instantly became the hero of Winged Tigers Tribe.

Qian Jia was getting a little embarrassed from all these praises and she hastily waved her hands as she said, “I’m also a member of Winged Tigers Tribe. Everyone has been looking after me so much, so it’s only right that I help out as well.”

“As expected, you were sent to Winged Tigers Tribe by the Divinity,” said the tribe chief as he nodded.

The male beastmen’s gazes were even more gentle as they looked at Qian Jia. Their eyes were filled with love and admiration. Even the females really liked Qian Jia.

“Cao, what is that? Why is Tribe Chief and Wu so happy?” Zhi was completely baffled when she saw how happy everyone was.

Actually, most of the beastmen didn’t know why the tribe chief and Wu were so happy, but they were happy because they saw that everyone else was happy.

Ning Shu shook her head and said mildly, “I don’t know either.”

The tribe chief waved and had a couple of the male beastmen carry the salt block back. Then he used sand to cover up the exposed salt mine before saying, “The future of Winged Tigers Tribe will depend on this, so don’t tell anyone about it.”

Ning Shu looked at the block of salt, then asked Qian Jia, “Is that thing safe? It’s not poisonous?”

“How could it be poisonous?” Rui scowled at Ning Shu.

“Cao, be careful with what you say,” said Kai.”

“That’s right, Tribe Chief has already said that this is something good. How could it be poisonous?” echoed the other male beastmen.

Ning Shu: …Me Cao (F*ck), did she say something hugely unreasonable? Why was she being mob-attacked?

This was the sad difference in treatment between a beautiful woman and an ugly one. She got the misperception that she had become a villainous, and was even the type that would pick faults unreasonably too.

“Cao’s just asking, why are you guys being so fierce towards her?” Zhi spoke up for Ning Shu, but since so many people were looking in their direction, her voice was trembling a little.

Ning Shu felt her heart warm as she shrugged. “I’m just asking casually. After all, I’ve never seen this before. Can it be that I’m not allowed to ask questions?”

The atmosphere became a little tense. Ning Shu picked up her basket, then pulled Zhi to leave.

Right at this time, Qian Jia suddenly slapped her head in realization while exclaiming, “Good thing Cao reminded me. Salt in this form really can’t be eaten. It contains impurities and sulfur, so it’s bad for the body. It has to be simmered before it can be eaten.”

Qian Jia moved to catch up with Ning Shu and said with a smile, “Cao, thank you for reminding me.”

Ning Shu gave a polite smile. “I don’t mind.”

When Qian Jia saw Ning Shu like this, she asked, “Are you angry?”

“Jia, Cao’s not angry.” Kai walked over to console Qian Jia.

Ning Shu: …

“You’re all great heros of Winged Tigers Tribe!” said the tribe chief while laughing happily.

They then returned to the tribe together. The female beastmen had a lot of things in their baskets, but they finally realized that they didn’t know what to do with them when they got back and just stared blankly at the pile of ingredients.

Qian Jia waved as she said, “We found a salt mine today! This is something worthy of celebrating, so let’s let everyone taste what dishes with salt taste like tonight.”

“Yes!” Qian Jia’s suggestion got the approval of all the beastmen mainly because after they had a taste of what Qian Jia made, they couldn’t really swallow the meat they roasted themselves anymore.

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