QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0679

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Chapter 679: Moving Meat Stash

However, they’d be discovered sooner or later if they left so much meat hanging in the caves. Ning Shu also wanted to stock up some more before winter.

“We need to switch locations. While I was hunting, I found a large cavern by a cliff. Let’s move the meat into that cavern,” said Ning Shu.

Zhi cried out in surprise, “We’re moving the meat outside the tribe?”

“We’ll be discovered sooner or later like this. Are you willing to hand over all this meat to the tribe?” asked Ning Shu as she glanced over at Zhi.

Zhi’s face twisted with heartache at this thought and she immediately said, “Alright.”

So then they got busy and loaded the wind-dried cured meat into baskets in preparation to carry them to the cave at night.

However, Zhi had never left the tribe at night before. There was constant soft rustling in the forest and the shrill eerie cries of birds. It caused her hair to rise on end.

She trembled uncontrollably as she followed closely behind Ning Shu.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” Ning Shu’s voice was very calm, so it made Zhi calm down a little as well.

When Ning Shu saw that Zhi was walking very slowly, she moved some of the meat in Zhi’s basket to hers.

Ning Shu had discovered this cavern while chasing a wild boar. This cavern was very large and even had a water source, so it was a very good shelter.

Zhi set down her basket and looked around the large cavern.

Ning Shu first used a sharp stick to loosen up the soil, then she started digging with a sharp rock in order to make a large hole.

“Cao, what are you doing?” asked Zhi.

Ning Shu continued working as she said, “There’s no way we can just leave the meat out in the open. There are a lot of animals in the forest, they’ll definitely take the meat. We need to wrap them up with leaves and bury them.”

“Oh.” Zhi hastily picked up a stone to help with digging.

Ning Shu smacked her lips. Her fingers were stabbed full of barbs. If only female beastmen could transform as well, then she’d be able to dig with her claws.

The two of them worked for a very long time and finally dug out a hole that was about half their height. Ning Shu used large leaves to cover the bottom of the hole, then set the cured meat on the leaves.

“Zhi, I’m going to head back and carry all the cured meat here. You can just wait here,” said Ning Shu.

Zhi’s voice trembled a little as she said, “Cao, I’m scared.”

“Don’t be scared. I’ll be back right away.” Ning Shu picked up the sharpened stick and shoved it into Zhi’s hand. “Don’t be scared, be strong. I’ll be back soon.”

Ning Shu picked up the two baskets and sprinted out of the cavern while revolving her energy. She weaved through the forest swiftly with the help of the moonlight.

When she got back to the cave, she filled the baskets with cured meat before sprinting back to the large cavern.

Inside the cavern, Zhi was clenching the stick tightly. She loosened a breath of relief when she saw Ning Shu and quickly went over to help move the meat into the hole.

This cycle repeated several more times, but Ning Shu finally managed to move all the meat that had finished curing into the cavern. The only ones left were the ones they had just started curing.

She covered the meat with large leaves, then pushed soil over that. Ning Shu and Zhi jumped hard on top of the area a couple times to pack the dirt in.

After getting this done, Ning Shu finally felt a little more relaxed. Finally, she had a pretty secure stash of supplies.

She then brought Zhi back to the tribe.

The days continued to pass like this. Every day was busy for Ning Shu since if she wasn’t practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, she was hunting.

Meanwhile, the wheat Qian Jia had planted had grown ripe, so Qian Jia invited everyone in the tribe over to eat noodles. Ning Shu had no idea how she managed to make flour, but at this point she had come to accept that Qian Jia was simply capable of making everything happen.

Everyone was invited, but Qian Jia seemed to have forgotten about Ning Shu. No one else brought it up either since it’d be bad if Cao couldn’t read the atmosphere and started a fight on such a festive day.

Zhi was invited as well. When Zhi saw that Ning Shu wasn’t going, she decided not to go either. When Ning Shu saw Zhi’s resolute expression as she fought off her cravings, she couldn’t help but laugh.

She pushed Zhi out of the cave and had her go participate in the banquet.

So what if she couldn’t have some noodles?

This big sis was also someone of the modern era.

Not only did Qian Jia make noodles, she even made steamed bread. Although it was more like dough dumplings, it was enough to make these prehistoric people exclaim in admiration.

After the meal, the tribe chief announced that the tribe was going to start growing wheat, so there were tigers digging at the everywhere in the tribe dirt. A lot female beastmen started sowing seeds under Qian Jia’s guidance.

The enthusiasm of the tribe was hot enough to scorch, but this didn’t have much to do with Ning Shu.

It was probably due to the rumors going around the tribe. Everyone was saying that Kai was going to abandon Cao and that he didn’t want to become Cao’s mate.

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