QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0611

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Chapter 611: He Seems Interested In You

With a wave, Mo Juefeng had the filming stop. Since this drama was something that Mo Juefeng had invested in and all expenses would be paid by him, no one dared to say anything.

Mo Juefeng said mildly, “We’ll stop the filming here today.”

“Yes,” replied the director respectfully.

Mo Juefeng then mocked Mai Douer again. “You should practice your role properly. You actually want to act with this level of skill? Snort…”

Mai Douer’s face immediately turned ashen from anger, but then she recalled this person’s status and forced herself to endure it. She bit her lips as she said, “I understand, I’ll definitely work hard, Mr. Mo.”

A trace of disappointment flashed through Mo Juefeng’s eyes. He thought that she would be different, but she was the same after all. Her eyes were filled with flattery.

There were too many women like this in the entertainment circles.

Mo Juefeng turned and left. Mai Douer stared at his back, then bit her lips and got changed before walking to the car dispiritedly.

“Congratulations!” said Ning Shu with a smile.

Mai Douer’s expression was dark and she said coldly, “What’s good about this? Not only was I insulted, it was Mo Juefeng that insulted me. I’m really worried!”

Ning Shu replied, “From what I see, it seems like Mo Juefeng’s interested in you and he’s doing this on purpose to get your attention. Even if he picks faults with you, it’s only for the sake of getting your attention. After all, there’s so many actresses present, why did he only pick on you and no one else?”

A trace of surprised delight flashed across Mai Douer’s face and she suddenly became lively again. However, she still seemed uncertain and hastily asked, “Is that true? Big Sis Chen, you mean that Mo Juefeng likes me?”

Ning Shu was silent for a little while before she said, “If it isn’t like, then it’s probably interest. You should also be aware of Mo Juefeng’s abilities by now. If you two start dating or if you were able to become Mo Juefeng’s wife, you’ll be guaranteed success in this lifetime.”

Mai Douer’s eyes started to shine as she daydreamed about what it would be like to live the life Ning Shu described. She was so excited that her entire body started trembling.

Ning Shu then said, “Even if you guys don’t get married and only date for a while, it’s still enough to gain a lot of benefits. Perhaps you’ll gain enough to establish a strong footing in the entertainment circles, so this isn’t a bad deal.”

This was also what Mai Douer was thinking in her heart. She had already gotten a taste of how sweet it was to have someone as strong as Mo Juefeng backing her. A casual sentence from Mo Juefeng had been able to make the director who had been planning to rape her completely change his attitude towards her and she hadn’t needed to worry about being threatened again by that vulgar director.

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