QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0673

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Chapter 673: Come Get More Next Time

After Zhi returned from getting salt from Qian Jia, she said to Ning Shu, “Jia told you to get salt yourself. I feel like she’s not happy.”

Ning Shu was currently flipping the salted meat to stop it from smelling. When she heard what Zhi said, she asked, “She’s not happy?”

“Yeah, she said to have you go yourself to get salt. She’s not happy because I’ve been asking for too much salt,” said Zhi. “I feel like there’s something between you and Jia.”

“What could there be?” remarked Ning Shu offhandedly. She glanced at the salt in Zhi’s hand. “In a bit, I’ll got hunt a bit more, then we can salt it.”

Zhi nodded. “Why don’t you go look for Jia now? I feel like she’s not happy with us and we still need to get salt from her in the future.”

Ning Shu nodded, then grabbed some dry grass to wipe off the oil on her hands. “I’ll go right now.”

Ning Shu went to the cave Qian Jia and Rui lived in. There was an area cleared out in front of Qian Jia’s cave entrance that was fenced. There were some vegetables, bright red chilies, and some very small tomatoes planted there.

To the side, there were grape trellis that had little strings of purple grapes. It looked like a standard farmer’s house.

Ning Shu stopped at the door and called, “Jia.”

When Qian Jia came out of the cave and saw Ning Shu, she was a little surprised. Then she asked with a smile, “Cao, why are you here?”

Ning Shu said, “Jia, I want some salt. Zhi told me to come get it.”

When Qian Jia heard what Ning Shu said, a trace of delight and dislike flashed through her eyes. She was delighted that this cold and aloof female beastman still had to humbly come ask for salt, but she didn’t like the fact that she asked directly for salt. It wasn’t like she owed this beastman anything.

Even though this beastman was asking for something, she was still being so aloof.

People sure became entitled when you helped them too much. What right did these people have to expect her to do things for them? Could it be that she didn’t get tired from boiling salt? That she didn’t need to spend time to do these things?

Qian Jia was willing to give these beastmen salt, but that didn’t mean that she would give it to anyone who asked, especially if the person was asking with this attitude. It wasn’t like she owed this female beastman anything.

Qian Jia had gotten used to being praised to high heavens by everyone, so she disliked Ning Shu’s attitude a lot.

When Ning Shu saw that Qian Jia wasn’t speaking, she asked, “I can’t get salt? There’s no more?”

Qian Jia smiled and her dimples appeared as she said, “Aren’t you using it with Zhi? Zhi’s already gotten some salt. Come get more next time once you finish using it.”

Ning Shu frowned as she peered at Qian Jia. Zhi had told her to come here to get salt from Qian Jia, but now Qian Jia was saying that she wouldn’t give her any.

Why did Qian Jia want to make Zhi feel that she was angry and have Zhi tell her to come get salt?

Ning Shu peered at Qian Jia who was standing at the elevated cave entrance and towering over her.

She suddenly realized what Qian Jia was trying to do. Qian Jia just wanted to humiliate her, and while at it, try to ruin her relationship with Zhi.

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