QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0685

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Chapter 685: A Chance to Become Wu Song Jr.

“The divine maiden should behave like a divine maiden. You can’t have a relationship with Kai in this lifetime,” repeated Ning Shu again. Then she turned towards Wu who was stuck full of feathers again to ask, “Wu, am I right?”

“AHEM-HEm-hem…” Wu started coughing like she was about to hack her lungs out without answering Ning Shu’s question.

Qian Jia’s expression turned cold and she looked towards Ning Shu with lofty disdain. “Isn’t it just that Kai doesn’t like you? Do you think that Kai would like you if you pick faults with me? What you’re doing is forcing someone to stay with you. Even if you get the person, you wouldn’t be able to obtain their heart.”

“Ahahaha, what does who Kai likes have to do with me?” Ning Shu rolled her eyes as she walked to Wu. “Wu, I don’t want to become mates with Kai. Look, he only knows to bully me and criticize me. He’s dissatisfied with everything I do.”

“AHEM-HEm-hem…” Wu coughed hard, then shot a glob of spit towards the side.

Ning Shu: …

This old lady just didn’t want to offend the divine maiden. →_→

“Cao, what exactly do you want? How long do you want to keep causing trouble?” Kai couldn’t really suppress his rage anymore. First, he had been rejected by the person he liked, and now he had been humiliated by Cao since she said in front of Wu that she didn’t want to become his mate.

Did she think that he wanted to become mates with her? Having this kind of mate is just inviting in a calamity. However, he found it humiliating to be scorned by such a loathsome female in front of so many beastmen.

He didn’t even dare to look around because he didn’t want to see how the beastmen were looking at him. In particular, he didn’t dare to meet Qian Jia’s gaze.

Kai loathed Cao a lot for always causing trouble and he walked over to grab Ning Shu.

Ning Shu took a step back and looked at him coldly as she said, “You want to fight?”

Veins bulged on Kai’s forehead. It felt like a beast was roaring in his heart and thrashing around to break free. There was only one thought on his mind right now:

Kill this female. Kill this malicious female in order to vent this pain and anger.

Kai instantly transformed into a winged tiger and roared at Ning Shu. He flapped his wings and lifted his enormous claw to swipe it towards Ning Shu’s head.

He wanted to get violent!?

Ning Shu scoffed and clenched her fist while revolving the energy in her dantian to punch Kai’s paw.

When the people around saw that a female beastman was actually using her fist to block a male’s paw, they thought she had gone stupid. This was just asking to be killed!

Several male beastmen transformed to stop Kai. There was no way a female beastman would be able to hold up to the power of a male in his transformed state.

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