QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0697

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Chapter 697: The World Trembled

“Alright, stop arguing.” When the tribe chief saw that the two were facing off hostilely, he said to Ning Shu, “This female beastman has caused the death of the divine maiden’s child. The child of the divine maiden is also a divine child, so she should be punished by the divine maiden.”

Ning Shu rolled her eyes. “Sure, then have Xie’s mate executed too.”

“How can that be allowed? Male beastmen are needed to help hunt!” The tribe chief immediately disagreed.

“Then Xie should just die because this is all her fault?” Ning Shu lifted her ugly eyebrows as she asked this.

The tribe chief fell silent.

Ning Shu laughed coldly. Because you were weak, you deserved your fate of being bullied? Because you were weak, you should die?

“A tribe without principles like this deserves to be destroyed. Tribe Chief, just keep licking the divine maiden’s feet like this and see how many benefits the divine maiden can bring you?” said Ning Shu in a cold mocking tone.

A tribe, for the sake of a divine maiden, was abandoning the other tribe members? A tribe like this should just be destroyed.

“You shouldn’t think that you can be so impetuous just because the Divinity has granted you power,” said the tribe chief coldly.

Ning Shu lifted her chin smugly. “The Divinity granted me strength so that I’d have the power to protect myself.”

“You! You guys, help me kill them! Kill both of them!” Qian Jia pointed at Ning Shu as she shouted this towards her mates.

Qian Jia’s mates immediately surrounded Ning Shu and transformed to pounce towards her.

Ning Shu had just clenched her fists to meet their attacks when she suddenly felt the ground tremble violently.

The shaking was so bad that almost everyone lost their balance.

Everyone was stunned. They had no idea what was happening.

Ning Shu saw that one of the pillars was falling towards her and hastily dodged. She grabbed Zhi to get to a more open space.

“Earthquake! It’s actually an earthquake!” cried Qian Jia in alarm.

The sky had abruptly turned dark. The shaking was so terrible that even Ning Shu was struggling to stay on her feet. It felt like the entire world was about to fall apart and that the ground beneath them was crumbling.

Ning Shu’s heart sank. She hadn’t expected for the earthquake to be this severe. She was a little worried that the cavern would collapse.

As the earthquake continued, shrieks, weeping, and cries for help came from everywhere. Ning Shu had to force her fear down.

The force of nature was truly terrifying. All living things, in the face of its might, were helpless.

After an unknown amount of time, the shaking finally calmed down a little. At the same time, the world suddenly became intensely bright. Three suns had actually appeared in the sky. The light was so intense that it felt a little warm despite the fact that it was the middle of winter.

Everyone looked towards each other. Qian Jia was fine since all her mates had protected her, but some beastmen had been crushed to death by the fallen pillars.

Soon after, the roars of animals filled the entire forest. The startled animals were all charging towards the tribe.

There were animals large enough to be dinosaurs and ones small enough to be mice. All the wild beasts that had originally been hibernating had been started awake and they needed food.

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